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What is Cultural Context

Handbook of Research on Developing Students’ Scholarly Dispositions in Higher Education
Cultural background of the student and the supervisor.
Published in Chapter:
Contextual Factors Shaping the Student-Supervisor Relationship: A Cross-Country Perspective
Deepak Saxena (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7267-2.ch015
Postgraduate and doctoral research may be conceived as a social process requiring continuous interaction and negotiation between the student and the supervisor with the aim of developing scholarly disposition in the student. However, the dynamics of student-supervisor relationship go beyond the two actors and are also shaped by certain contextual factors arising from the disciplinary, institutional, cultural, and temporal context. Disciplinary context influences the relationship in terms of task structure and via funding availability. Institutional context has an impact in terms of rules framed and practices followed. Cultural context influences in terms of expectations regarding initiative, feedback, and independent thinking. Finally, temporal context signifies the change in student-supervisor relationship depending upon the research stage and the maturity of student/supervisor. This chapter also offers some recommendations and potential research designs to engage with these contextual factors.
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Cultural National Branding as a Proposal on the Grounds of the Formation Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus
The environment or situation that is relevant to the beliefs, values, and practices of the culture.
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Social and Cultural Factors Influence on English Speaking Abilities
Looks at the society individuals are raised in and at how their culture affects behavior. It incorporates learned values and shared attitudes among groups of people. It includes language, norms, customs, ideas, beliefs, and meanings.
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Migrants Learning to Become Entrepreneurs: The Case of Migrants in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Cultural context is related to the society where individuals are raised in and at how the culture affects behavior. It incorporates values that are learned and attitudes that are shared among groups of people. It includes beliefs, meanings, customs, ideas, language, norms.
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