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What is Digital Generation

Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K-12 Level: Issues and Challenges
The generation of people that have grown up with easy access to digital information and communication technologies.
Published in Chapter:
Emerging E-Pedagogy in Australian Primary Schools
Jennifer Way (University of Sydney, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-120-9.ch037
The purpose of this chapter is to provide some insight into the technology related changes that are occurring in Australian primary schools, particularly regarding pedagogy. It argues that the ways in which the digital generation use new technologies outside their school classrooms, to access information, communicate and learn, contrasts markedly with the more traditional pedagogies within the majority of Australian primary schools. Application of a research-based framework that allows the monitoring and description of the complex technology-mediated changes in pedagogy, has revealed that a small, but growing proportion of teachers are creating new learning environments that reflect some of the characteristics of the e-learners outside school. It is the intention of the author to encourage further exploration of this topic by providing background on the scope of the issues underpinning the development of e-pedagogy in schools, and a tool that can be used to examine changes occurring in schools.
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The Digital Generation and Web 2.0: E-Learning Concern or Media Myth?
The generation of humans whose generational location places their birth and developmental experiences during a time of widespread access to digital computing technologies and whose exposure to and experience with those technologies led to a technological comfort and expertise with those technologies that surpasses those of prior generations.
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New Media Technologies and Childhood Education for Development Purposes in Africa
A generation of people born in the digital era that has grown up with access to digital information and the abilities to navigate the new communication technologies.
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Digitalisation in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Perspectives of the Supply and Demand Sides
The new generation of individuals born in the technological age, well-educated and familiar with digital applications.
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