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What is Franchise

Handbook of Research on Information Architecture and Management in Modern Organizations
Is a management strategy in partnership, where a company (Franchisor) creates a business concept and, therefore, owns the rights, knowledge and practices. This company sells to other entities (Franchisee), the right to use its business concept by providing the know-how and training.
Published in Chapter:
Leaders and Followers: The Leadership Style Perceived in Modern Organizations
Paula Figueiredo (Universidade Europeia, Portugal) and Maria José Sousa (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal & Universidade Europeia, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8637-3.ch009
This study aims to address the perspectives of leaders and followers regarding their perception of leadership styles adopted in various daily situations in organizations. Leaders and followers perceive that the predominant style is the Transformational Leadership. In order to understand the types of competences to be developed by leaders to enhance the different leadership styles, it appears that emotional competencies related to Relationship Management are those that have a linear relationship with transformational leadership. The Relationship Management is the ability to deal with the emotions of others and is composed of social competences, including Inspiration, Influence, Develop others and Change catalyst. According to both perspectives, these competences are also the least practiced by leaders in organizations.
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Playing With the Dead: Transmedia Narratives and the Walking Dead Games
A type of business that holds the rights to different properties.
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Positive Approaches and Practices for Sustainable SME Development in the COVID-19 Context
It is the right to conduct business under the brand of another company, use its business model with a set of effective and approved operational standards, developments, and fine-tuned business processes.
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Transmedia and the Vagueness of Narrative Structure
In Transmedia applications, each piece of the story carries a product feature on its own. Each product is called a “franchise”. The franchise does not mean that the story is repeated in different environments. The narrative of the story is not repeated, it spreads. In short, the franchise expresses different interrelated narratives. Not only does each narrative have a fun and meaningful structure, but it is also a part of a single unified narrative structure at the same time.
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