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What is Immersive Parasocial

Profiling Target Learners for the Development of Effective Learning Strategies: Emerging Research and Opportunities
One-directional follower relationship with another misperceived as a two-way relationship and enabled through the affordances of immersive virtual worlds.
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Situated Learning Online: Profiling Learners by Theorized and Practical Learning-Context-Defined Role(s)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1573-0.ch007
In online situated learning, enabled through enhanced information and communications technology (ICT), learning management systems (LMSes), learning content repositories, immersive virtual worlds, simulations, games, augmented reality enablements using mobile technologies, web meeting tools, digital libraries, and other software and hardware, target learners may be profiled based on the practical learning-context-defined roles: the functional roles, the defined target learning skills, the requisite interactions between learners, the interactions between learners and digital and analog artifacts and online environment, and others. This work explores defined idealized learning profiles in situated learning online.
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Buy/Hold/Trade or Sell/Divest/Disengage: Using Executive Functions in Electronic Hive Minds for Decision Making Around Cryptocurrencies
The illusion of having a relationship with another human being, often a public figure, in multi-perception-information-rich virtual world spaces; a one-way follower relationship that is mistaken for a two-way relationship.
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Using Social Image Sets to Explore Virtual Embodiment in Second Life® as Indicators of Formal, Nonformal, and Informal Learning
The illusory sense of the existence of a relationship with a public figure as instantiated through avatars in virtual immersive worlds.
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Being and a Trolling State of Electronic Hive Mind: (1) Organically Emergent/Evolved Troll Groups and (2) Created/Instrumented Troll “Armies”
The origination and maintenance of one-sided illusory followership (parasocial) relationships in perception-deep immersive virtual worlds and spaces.
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Self-Presenting Virtually for Remote Social Influence: Peer Lessons About Social Following and Being Followed
The illusory sense of an existent relationship by a fan or follower of a more public figure in part due to the multi-sensory aspects of information and communication technologies (ICT), which enable the delivery of sight, sound, and other signals for other senses.
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