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What is Instructional Facilitator

Handbook of Research on Modern Educational Technologies, Applications, and Management
The teacher, the leader within an instructional environment who guides the instructional process through differentiated means, towards supporting the learners and achieving instructional objectives.
Published in Chapter:
Creativity and Impactful Learning Through Implicit Cognitive Vulnerability
Caroline M. Crawford (University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA), Janice Moore Newsum (University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA), Sharon Andrews White (University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA), and Jennifer Young Wallace (Jackson State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3476-2.ch046
Creating an instructional environment in which the learners can be cognitively vulnerable with the information learned, with learner colleagues, as well as with the instructional facilitator is vitally important towards information attainment and actively evaluating and revising one's own conceptual frameworking of information. The instructional engagement of the learner within the instructional environment is vitally important, towards knowledge acquisition as well as the learner's creativity towards understanding and working with the information, while emphasizing the strengths associated with impactful learning. Creativity is understood within implicit cognitive vulnerability, articulated as value, effectiveness. Further, impactful learning is understood as relationships and community, as well as respect and consciousness.
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Implicit Cognitive Vulnerability
This term reflects the role of the teacher within any instructional environment. The reason for the term is the understanding that the teacher is not only a “sage on the stage” but is also a mentor, a coach, and a Socratic questioner as is necessary and appropriate towards supporting the learning efforts within the instructional processes. Facilitating each learner’s efforts is the role of the teacher.
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