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What is Integrated Learning Systems

Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration
Packages of networked hardware and software used for education that provide instructional content as well as assessment and management tools.
Published in Chapter:
Technology and the Standards-Based Mathematics Classroom
Tara Rubeo (Robert Morris University, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 4
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-881-9.ch135
In the current standards-driven academic environment, success is most often measured by student achievement on state and national assessments with the end goal of preparing our students to be able to communicate effectively and to be critical thinkers. Technology is not addressed in many state standards (including Pennsylvania’s), but as our society continues to develop and place more emphasis on the uses of technology, schools must learn how to incorporate technology into the classroom. Hundreds of software applications exist for use in the mathematics classroom. Many of these packages were developed with academic standards in mind, but several other applications exist that are useful in both academic and non-academic settings. Considerable research has been conducted examining not only the effectiveness of technology as an instructional tool but also regarding the various learning styles of our students. I feel that it is imperative for all educators to explore the possibilities presented through the use of technology because, if implemented properly, technology can be a powerful aid in not only meeting academic standards but also in helping to prepare students for the technical climate of the “real world”.
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Disruptive Technologies and Education: Is There Any Disruption After All?
(ILS): Is basically set of tools—most often computer-based and on line—used to organize educational materials and curriculum content for a class, so that students have access to them as the progress through the course. ILSs may include information or curriculum content, evaluation mechanisms, communication or discussion boards, and other tools. The term is used in tandem with LMS or ‘Learning Management Systems,’ although the second seems to be gaining popularity. These days there are powerful free and commercial ILS systems; an example of a well-known free ILS system is Moodle with its commercial counterpart—and probably best known system—Blackboard.
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