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What is Participatory Action Research

Handbook of Research on Learning Outcomes and Opportunities in the Digital Age
Is an approach to research within communities that emphasizes participation of all stakeholders and action to solve community problems.
Published in Chapter:
Through the Eyes of Students and Faculty: A Conceptual Framework for the Development of Online Courses
Maysaa Barakat (Florida Atlantic University, USA) and Debra N. Weiss-Randall (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9577-1.ch025
Online enrollments have been growing substantially faster than overall higher education enrollments. It is argued that online learning can help address issues of educational inequity, poverty, and social exclusion. The momentum is moving towards online learning, and universities are pressured to develop more online options for their students in order to stay relevant and provide needed flexibility. On average, courses that are delivered online have higher attrition rates than regular face-to-face courses. There are numerous challenges and difficulties in developing online learning environments without sacrificing the quality of learning. This case study examines the development, delivery, and evaluation of online learning through the eyes of students and faculty of an educational leadership department in a Southeast research university.
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Community Development in Occupational Therapy Education: Learning From Global Experiences
Research where researchers and participants collaborate to understand and ameliorate a problem.
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Educating Adults to Talk about Death and Dying to Assist Grieving Children: A Community Development Project
This is research involving those affected by the problem under investigation through a cyclical process of fact finding, action, reflection, leading to further inquiry and action for change. Emphasis is placed in dialoguing, critical reflection, co-learning and action to implement change ( Minkler, 2000 ).
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Urban Tales Visible With Augmented Reality: A Street Exhibition in Campanhã (Porto)
A qualitative research methodology that involves researchers and participants collaborating to understand social issues and promoting probable actions to bring about a certain social change for the better.
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The Civic University, the Engaged Scholar: Implications for Scholarly Work
A collaborative learning process who change practices as a result of their collaborative learning.
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Family-Centered Telehealth Supporting Motor Skills and Activity in Individuals With Rett Syndrome
A shared, democratic process of research concerned with developing practical knowing to pursue worthwhile human purposes.
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Action Research
Participatory action research involves cooperation among researchers and participants to recognize and resolve difficulties.
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Dramatizing the Climate Emergency: Thinking Up New Cultural Mediators in Environmental Education
Methodology that involves action as an integral part of the research process itself. Its design emphasizes the involvement of research subjects as protagonists of the action as well as of the discussion that generates scientific knowledge. It seeks an awareness-raising effect –inspired by the ideas and practices of Paulo Freire, Lawrence Shenhouse or John Elliot– that causes social change in which the research subjects are the main protagonists.
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Digital Storytelling
A type of action research in which those most directly affected by a problem are actively involved in describing and analyzing the problem and bringing about change.
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Teachers as Researchers: Participatory and Action Research
A research methodology in which the participants are actively engaged in the research as co-researchers engaged in addressing issues related to oppression and social inequities.
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Knowledge Management Challenges in the Non-Profit Sector
An interventionist method that involves close collaboration between the researcher and practitioners.
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Bolstering Healthcare in an Orthopaedic Ward: A Call for a System Dynamics and Participatory Action Approach
Falls under the wider umbrella of action research, which directly engages participation and action by both the researcher and the community directly affected by the researcher. It is a symbiotic relationship that seeks to generate societal transformation as one of the end pedagogical outcomes.
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Chasing the “American Dream”: Food and Housing Insecure College Students Engage in Participatory Action Research and Planning
Community members who are impacted by issues of concern work collaboratively with researchers to frame questions and methodological approaches to engaging in research and subsequently take action to address these issues within the community.
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Action Research in Practice-Based Doctoral Programs
A subset of action research where participants being studied participate in the research process.
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Framework for Non-Invasive Learning Experience Management in Third Millennium Higher Education Ecosystems
(PAR) is an approach to research in communities that emphasizes participation and action. It seeks to understand the world by trying to change it, collaboratively and following reflection. PAR emphasizes collective inquiry and experimentation grounded in experience and social history.
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Conflict Resolution and Leadership Mindfulness into Action (MIA) for Cultural Humility and Awareness (MIA-CHA): Toward Ending Microaggressions and Fostering Harmony
Participatory Action Research is doing research with people rather than on them. Such a posture requires acknowledgment that academic researchers are not outside the system, but rather are an elemental part of the composition of the system involved in the study.
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Competitive Smart Cities through Healthy Decision-Making
Participatory action research is an application of a research method where the researcher is also a co-learner in the research process in conjunction with the community being researched. One of the most important characteristics of participatory action research is the fact that participants whose lives are affected by the research initiative take an active role of its design.
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The Ethnographic Vignette as Innovative Tool in Intersectional Social Justice Activist Research
Combines reflection and action, theory and practice, and collaborative efforts to help people and their communities thrive.
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