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What is Political Participation

Utilizing Technology, Knowledge, and Smart Systems in Educational Administration and Leadership
Refers to actions of citizens to take part in election campaigns rallies, decision making processes, town hall meetings/public meetings using their digital devices.
Published in Chapter:
Social Media Integration in Educational Administration as Information and Smart Systems: Digital Literacy for Economic, Social, and Political Engagement in Namibia
Sadrag Panduleni Shihomeka (University of Namibia, Namibia) and Helena N. Amadhila (University of Namibia, Namibia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1408-5.ch011
The proliferation and access to social media platforms that allow easy access to information systems and services, content creation, and sharing, in a convenient form, has taken education administration and management by storm. Facebook is one of the many online media that can let education administrators and managers interact with each other or their subordinates by sharing information about themselves or any topical community issue via personal profiles or institutional profiles. Furthermore, it is noted that social media applications by their nature have the capabilities of educating, informing, entertaining (leisure), and socializing the audience. The research revealed that there are various groups on Facebook where youthful education administrators can use to post educational information and discuss pertinent issues concerning their institutions. Indeed, social media are being used as channels to foster economic, social, and political development education among Namibian educational administrators.
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More Results
A Theoretical Insight Into the Multi-Level Governance
Taking part in the process of the decision making and conducting the public policies.
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Limitations of Evolutionary Approaches to E-Government
Stage of the evolutionary approach related to citizens’ relationship with the government through online vote, discussions, and accountability mechanisms using information technologies.
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Having “The Voice” and Gaining Agency: Substantive Representation of Women in Local Politics
Refers to a broad range of actions taken by people to shape and control the decisions-making processes that affect their lives.
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E-Government and Local Service Delivery: The Case of Italian Local Governments
It is a stage of e-government that pertains to the political arena. It incorporates different technologies that serve mainly as communication and public relations tools (two-way communication stage) to promote democratic participation in policy-making processes, but also supporting online voting in countries where this is allowed.
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Young People, Civic Participation, and the Internet
Participation in activities deemed parliamentary political by nature.
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Promoting Political Literacy Among Youth in the Sultanate of Oman: Challenges, Developments, and Recommendations
The more informal involvement of citizens in the decision-making processes of government that may be initiated by citizens themselves.
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