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What is Response to Intervention

Rethinking Inclusion and Transformation in Special Education
Is a multi-tiered approach that aims at the early identification and support of students with behavioral and instructional needs. The approach consists of three tiers that start with universal screening and end with individualized instruction and referral to special education.
Published in Chapter:
Assessment of Students With Disabilities in the UAE Toward Thriving in Inclusive Classrooms: Reality and Vision
Ahmed Hemdan (United Arab Emirates University, UAE)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4680-5.ch011
This chapter addresses the reality of assessment with disabilities in the UAE. A related purpose is to delineate suggestions and strategies that can help in the establishment of a coherent assessment system that strives to accurately identify different disabilities in schools. It presents information relating to how students with disabilities are identified. This entails several steps and different organizations that are involved in the assessment process. It presents information about the provision of inclusion the country and connections to assessment of students with disabilities. Two focus-group discussions were conducted with special education teachers and administrators which explored the participants' views and practices in relation to how students with disabilities in the schools are identified, whether the assessment procedures are sufficient, and requirements of a solid assessment system. The chapter concludes with several suggestions as a framework of developing a comprehensive assessment system that ensures that students with disabilities are not misidentified.
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The Preassessment Process for English Learners With Potential Language Impairment: Best Practices for Public School Professionals
RtI incorporates a dynamic assessment model whose purpose is to evaluate a student’s ability to learn over time when provided with instruction. RtI emphasizes a process that attempts to provide additional, increasingly intensified support to students over time before labeling them as having disabilities.
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Special Education Leadership and the Implementation of Response to Intervention
The practice of (1) providing high-quality instruction/intervention matched to student needs and (2) using learning rate over time and level of performance to (3) make important education decisions ( Batsche et al., 2005 ).
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Developing Students' Self-Regulation Skills Within and Outside Academic Modules
A system of supports that schools put in place to provide high-quality education to students with disabilities.
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Developing Special Educators to Work Within Tiered Frameworks
A framework for prevention and intervention that allows for the identification of specific learning disabilities.
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Applied Behavior Analysis as a Teaching Technology
A multi-tier approach to identify students who require academic, social and behavioral interventions in general education classrooms and school settings. The effectiveness of such interventions subsequently measured to determine the need to refer the student for additional academic, social and/or behavioral supports via special education services.
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Assessment in Inclusive Settings
A multi-tiered framework with increasing levels of academic or behavioral support to meet the needs of all students.
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