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What is School Readiness

Supporting Children’s Well-Being During Early Childhood Transition to School
This study uses the term “school readiness” to refer to the five child-level dimensions adopted by the National Education Goals Panel–(a) physical well-being and motor development; (b) social and emotional development; (c) approaches toward learning; (d) language development; and (e) cognition and general knowledge.
Published in Chapter:
Aligning Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom Learning Experiences: Effects on Children's School Readiness
Meg Deane Franko (University of Denver, USA) and Duan Zhang (University of Denver, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4435-8.ch004
The focus of transition from preschool to kindergarten is often placed on what can be done to prepare the child. Relatively little emphasis is placed on how differences between learning experiences across settings might impact the child's transition from one setting to the other. This chapter presents the results of secondary data analysis of the 2009 FACES study that show that the alignment of prekindergarten-kindergarten (PK-K) learning experiences impacts children's kindergarten outcomes. In particular, HLM modeling found that children who had at least as many or more activity-based centers in their classrooms in kindergarten as they had in prekindergarten showed significantly better literacy and math outcomes at the end of kindergarten than children who had less or no activity-based centers in kindergarten. This chapter advocates for a systemic focus on transition that puts an emphasis on continuing developmentally appropriate practices between preschool and kindergarten settings as a way to facilitate transitions and improve outcomes for young children.
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More Results
Children's Perspective on Transition From Kindergarten to Primary School: Croatian Experience
The concept of children entrance to school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success. Opposite it may be seen as a prerequisite for a child to enter the compulsory education or a demand to a child to adjust to school tasks.
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Who Chooses School?: Understanding Parental Aspirations for Child Transition From Home to Early Childhood Education (ECE) Institutions in Bangladesh
The term school readiness represents the child preparation for schooling in ECE. Most of the children need to be prepared before starting their ECE schools for their success in schools and early learning. School readiness represents the children’s eligibility to enter schools irrespective of age, race, gender, and ethnicity. Preparedness is a broad terminology in this study readiness that represents the school preparation of children.
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Building Readiness Through Formal and Informal Patterns of Instruction
Redefining readiness relative to the young individual learner rather than solely to traditional age/grade developmental norms.
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How School Leaders Can Support Teachers With Program Implementation
A multi-dimensional construct that includes cognitive skills, such as oral language, social and behavior skills, and self-regulation skills (Landry, Zucker, Williams, Merz, Guttentag, & Taylor, 2016 AU69: The in-text citation "Landry, Zucker, Williams, Merz, Guttentag, & Taylor, 2016" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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Child's Readiness for Compulsory Education in the Context of Research and Development Aimed at Czech Kindergartens
School readiness” is a term often used to describe how ready children are socially, physically, and intellectually, to start formal schooling - usually kindergarten.
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Setting the Stage for the Future: Family Engagement Throughout the Transition to Kindergarten
A child’s academic, social and emotional, and functional ability to successfully participate and learn specific skills within a classroom setting.
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The Cascading Effects of Gross Motor Development and the Impact of Intervention in Early Childhood
Refers to the extent to which children are prepared to be successful in kindergarten based upon preschool outcomes in several domains including health and well-being, literacy and communication, socio-emotional skills, and numeracy.
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School Readiness Program: An Integral Component of Inclusive Education
School readiness is a set of prerequisite skills and knowledge that prepares children for education. In another way, it is a phase of transition for beginners from preschool to schooling.
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Irreconcilable Differences?: The School Readiness Schism in America
The idea that children should arrive at school properly prepared to be successful in a formal learning environment, though what exactly that readiness looks like is neither well defined nor agreed on by all stakeholders.
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A Two-Generational Approach to Promoting a Successful Transition to Kindergarten: The Kids in Transition to School Program
Possessing the critical skills that increase the likelihood of a positive transition into kindergarten and subsequent positive school adjustment.
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Understanding Head Start Children's Transitions to Kindergarten: Data From the Family and Child Experiences Survey
Measures of children’s cognitive and social-emotional skills that indicate they are prepared to benefit from education in elementary school.
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Early School Outcomes for Children Who Delay Kindergarten Entry
A term often used to describe how prepared children are to start formal schooling. Readiness encompasses several domains including cognitive, language, motor, social, and emotional development. Most researchers and educators also consider the preparedness of schools to support children’s learning to be a key component of readiness.
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