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What is Self-Evaluation

Handbook of Research on Transnational Higher Education
Assessing what one knows, does not know, and what one wants to know. It can sometimes assess the assumptions or beliefs underlying knowledge and the meaning or relevance of knowledge or performance. It forms the basis for self-improvement and setting learning goals.
Published in Chapter:
Evaluation of Course Curriculum and Teaching: Guidelines for Higher Education Instructors
James P. Coyle (University of Windsor, Canada), Irene Carter (University of Windsor, Canada), Derek Campbell (University of Windsor, Canada), and Ori Talor (University of Windsor, Canada)
Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4458-8.ch017
In order to be effective teachers, higher education instructors must do more than evaluate the content of their courses. They need to assess curriculum design and methods used for teaching and assessing student learning. This can be challenging since instructors may receive little training in effective methods for teaching adult learners. This chapter explains the reasons why instructors should evaluate their courses and describes the characteristics of effective course curricula, teaching methods, and procedures for assessing student learning. A Curriculum Evaluation Checklist is proposed as a useful tool that has practical benefits for instructors who evaluate their curricula and teaching.
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The Globalization of Education and Control Techniques of the E-Learning Systems in Russian Smart Universities for Increase of Quality and Competitiveness
Benchmarking tool, because the traditional audit - verification of compliance with standards, rules, procedures of organization and/or professional environment, and self-esteem - check the competitiveness of the organization in a professional environment and in the society by means of the comparison of its results of operations with the results accepted by the consumers, which are the basis and the measure of success.
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Participatory Learning Approach
Where a person evaluates his or her own solution to a problem or other assignment.
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Integrating Glasser Quality School Concepts Into Online Courses
The process in which a person evaluates his or her work, based on a shared understanding of the expectations for quality.
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The Business Process Management Systems to Improve the Performance of Universities: Integrated Performance Plan
means looking at your progress, development and learning to determine what has improved and what areas still need improvement.
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WorkAI: Raising Work-Related Self-Awareness With Gamified Approach
Ability to examine oneself to find out how much progress one has made.
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Rubrics as an Assessment Tool in Distance Education
An activity where the student compares the rubric to their alternative assessment activity prior to final submission to the instructor; assisting students to evaluate their own work offers opportunities for editing/correcting prior to teacher grading and for self-reflection on the learning process.
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Accreditation Through the Eyes of Program Evaluation
The process of examining the situation of the institution or program to be accredited first.
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Parents and Siblings of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study
A self-assessment, where a person evaluates their actions, performance, abilities.
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