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What is Student Empowerment

Enhancing Teaching and Learning With Socratic Educational Strategies: Emerging Research and Opportunities
The student’s ability to possess the agency, power, and autonomy to make decisions in regards to their learning within the classroom.
Published in Chapter:
She Is Fierce: Examining Female Voice and Socratic Seminar
Ashley Caroline Hart (Baylor University, USA), Brooke Blevins (Baylor University, USA), and Jess Smith (Baylor University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7172-9.ch001
This chapter explores the use of Socratic Seminar as a tool to empower low-SES status girls in ELAR classrooms. Through a comprehensive review of the literature, it particularly examines the practice of Socratic Seminar in light of student engagement, the potential that Socratic Seminar holds, the unique needs of low-SES students, and the unique needs of female students. In light of this conceptual piece, concerns for both teachers and researchers emerge, particularly with regard to the gap in the literature and the need for future studies on Socratic Seminar when used for student empowerment.
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Inclusion, Diversity Belonging, Equity, and Accessibility Principles on College Campuses: How Faculty and Staff Can Create a Culture of Empowerment for Student Success
Student empowerment is defined as the process by which students obtain the ability to self-direct and action their own freedom of choice and decision-making in an academic setting. Student empowerment in the classroom is illustrated through the ability of an instructor to enable a student to learn, teach, and lead others through gaining a sense of power.
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Harnessing Entrepreneurship Education for Economic Growth and Unemployment Reduction in the Era of Disruption
Education that empowers its students to take responsibility for their own learning, to make deliberate choices, and to be full participants in their own education.
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Leading P-12 Transformative Initiatives in Personalized Learning: Empowering Teachers and Students to Assert Agency in Their Own Development
The process of students becoming stronger and confident in controlling one’s learning.
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