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What is Corrective Action

Handbook of Research on Strategic Communication, Leadership, and Conflict Management in Modern Organizations
Taking steps to ensure similar events/acts will not take place in the future.
Published in Chapter:
Strategic Communication in Crisis: Winning May (Not) Be Everything
Lauren J. Keil (Optum, USA) and Angela M. Jerome (Western Kentucky University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8516-9.ch016
When faced with crises, organizational leaders must identify, prioritize, and communicate with organizational stakeholders. Increasingly, organizational leaders find themselves responding to crises made by persons that represent or are associated with the organization in some way. However, most case studies of image repair campaigns focus on the individual that has transgressed rather than on the often-simultaneous campaigns undertaken by the organizations with which they are associated. To study these issues more closely, this chapter uses The Ohio State University's (OSU's) tattoos for memorabilia scandal as exemplar and offers meaningful insight and pragmatic considerations for practitioners dealing with similar situational constraints.
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Investigation of Software Reliability Prediction Using Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
A documented design process or materials changes implemented and validated to correct the cause of a failure.
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Leadership in a Time of Crisis: Jim Tressel's Ousting from The Ohio State University
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International Quality Standards Application to Administrative Processes of Higher Education
Taking action to not only solve the current problem, but also to find the root cause and solve the issue permanently.
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Activity: Review of the IT Audit Responses
Infers a corrective action solution intent to minimize or eliminate an identified issue.
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