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What is Versioning

Visual Approaches to Instructional Design, Development, and Deployment
The creation of different variations or forms of core learning to apply to different contexts (including successive iterations).
Published in Chapter:
Versioning Learning to Different Target Learner Groups
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3946-0.ch007
A fairly common practice in instructional design is to originate a new instructional design over new content and then version the learning onto different tracks for different learning groups. Some learners may require a particular learning experience while others do not (based on learner experience mapping). Visual instructional design helps in the segmenting of various learner groups, the definition of various learning paths, various methods for customizing learning through customization, differentiation, addition and subtraction of elements, content revision and editing, cultural overlays, and some whole or partial redesigns for an effective and evocative learning experience for the target group.
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