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What is Psychological Safety

Global Perspectives on Maintaining Gender, Age, and Religious Diversity in the Workplace
Employee belief that they can show and express themselves to leaders without fear of negative consequences during interactions with leaders.
Published in Chapter:
Voice, Silence, and Diversity: A Case of Transnational Academics
Diana Rajendran (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) and Anne Bardoel (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5151-9.ch003
Since the 1990s, the scale and speed of cross-border academic mobility has notably increased. Universities around the world are recruiting across national boundaries and increasingly employ a diverse and transnational academic workforce. Ferdman argues that working toward inclusion in diverse organizations (such as universities) can present many challenges and tensions and is complex and multifaceted, because of issues concerning safety, voice, authenticity, equity, and equality for people across multiple identity groups. This chapter draws on 17 semi-structured interviews with transnational academics from 11 countries employed by eight different universities across Australia to explore the workplace experiences of diversity and inclusion in terms of their voice and/or silence. The findings indicate that although the respondents believe in having constructive forms of voice in their workplace, they often reported that they were reluctant to speak up.
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Inclusive Leadership and Innovative Work Behaviour: Empirical Evidence From the Indian Hospitality Industry
It is the degree to which individuals in a group or team feel that they can speak up, share their thoughts, express their ideas, and challenge the status quo without feeling embarrassed, judged or punished.
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Tools for the Process: Technology to Support Creativity and Innovation
A perception that team members’ contributions will be encouraged, and that disagreement or criticism will not be met with negative reactions, even if the contribution is radical or goes against the established norms of the group.
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The feeling that interpersonal risk-taking is acceptable and will not lead to negative repercussions.
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Fostering a Culture of Growth and Belonging: The Multi-Faceted Impact of Instructional Coaching in International Schools
The shared belief that a working environment is a safe space for taking risks, trying new things, and being able to fail without fear of the consequences.
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Promoting Inclusivity Through a Culturally Responsive Approach to Classroom Assessment Practices
The feeling that one can speak freely and take risks without fear of negative judgment from others.
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Authentic Learner Profiling Based on Human Drives and Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations
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How Do Human Resources Practices Affect the Performance of the Employees in Syria?: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
A worker’s collective belief that it's acceptable to take chances, voice opinions and concerns, ask questions, and own up to mistakes is known as team psychological safety.
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Innovation Through Diversity and Inclusion: A Roadmap for Higher Education Information Technology Leaders
An environment in which others feel like they will not be punished or embarrassed when taking interpersonal risks (e.g., asking for help) or making mistakes.
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Building Organizational DNA: Leading With Agility in the Digital Age
Ideas are embraced, voices are heard, failures are opportunities to learn and people feel safe to be their best.
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Authentic Leadership Being Shared as a Collective
Relative feelings of trust and faith in the mutual disciplinary expertise of the team, and of leading by example; a collective phenomenon of trust and competency combined with discursive freedom within a community of practice.
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Integrating the Arts for Leadership Education and Development: Holistic Learning for the Future of Work
A psychologically safe team environment is when employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas without fear of being shamed or disregarded, even when their thoughts conflict with other points of view.
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The Role of Mentoring on the Retention of Women From Diverse Backgrounds in STEM
Being able to express one’s self without fear of negative consequences.
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Virtual Intelligence in the Post-Pandemic Era: Human Communication Challenges and Best Practices
The means by which group leaders create environments in which people feel comfortable speaking up and in many cases, disagreeing with others, for the purpose of making informed, and principled decisions.
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