IGI Global Interviewed Dr. Brian Galli on Improving Productivity and Performance.

Continuous Improvement and Project Management with Dr. Brian Galli

By Abdoul Amadou on Aug 9, 2018
ijpmat Challenging the status quo by cultivating innovation is at the core of IGI Global's mission. One of the ways the international academic publisher upholds that commitment is by collaborating with renowned scholars and researchers to make emerging concepts and theories available to the research community. Recently, IGI Global interviewed Dr. Brian Galli from Long Island University, USA, who is also the Co-Editor of the International Journal of Productivity Management and Assessment Technologies (IJPMAT). He shared with IGI Global on what led him to pursue research in his field, as well as the directions of his future research endeavors.

What inspired you to pursue research activities in your filed?

Ever since I got into the engineering field, I have been interested in continuous improvement and project management. I worked in both arenas for several years and have gained much experience in different sectors that use both concepts. As I moved into research, I wanted to continue to pursue my interest in integrating both continuous improvement and project management.

Why are your respective areas of research important to the field at large?

I think that continuous improvement and project management are only becoming focal points of application and research in my field at large. Companies have to improve their performance, cost, quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement is one such way that has gotten much attention and has become very important over the years. The same thing goes for project management; All companies use projects for different reasons and projects are prevalent in almost every aspect of any company. So, it is just as important to focus on how to effectively manage projects from initiation to closure.

In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of your research to its community of users?

My research helps to develop ways to integrate the best practices of both continuous improvement and project management, by identifying tools and concepts that every organization can use to improve their bottom line. I not only look at my research from a theoretical point of view, but also from an applied perspective; which in turn helps organizations to find practical takeaways that they can actually deploy and implement. In other words, my research seeks to explore continuous improvement and project management from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

What are the future directions of your research areas?

I intend to grow the integration of continuous improvement and project management. One way of doing that would be to explore these two concepts from different angles, such as (but not limited to) economics, strategic planning, marketing, and environmental sustainability. I also intend to explore these two concepts from different business sectors including (but not limited to) healthcare, IT, and manufacturing. I would also like to explore more of the social aspect of both concepts, from different social aspects such as culture, behavior, leadership, motivation, and decision-making.

What are some other evolving research trends you have observed in your industry/field over the past several months and what would you say are some of the innovative research directions you foresee in the future? How do you feel your publication sets the pace for these innovations?

I have seen that many researchers are starting to investigate how continuous improvement and project management are linked, but also impacted by the social aspects, especially from the point of view of culture, leadership, and motivation in the work setting. I think this will lead to more innovative and interesting aspects that tie continuous improvement and project management to social science in the future, and I think that the International Journal of Productivity Management and Assessment Technologies (IJPMAT) can help to bring continuous improvement, project management, and social science together, especially in areas such as culture, productivity, and performance.

What has your experience publishing with IGI Global been like?

I truly have enjoyed my experience with the variety of IGI publications that I have had the opportunity to be published in. The Editors-in-Chief and editorial teams of all of the journals I have worked with are professional but also enjoyable to work with. I have not had a poor experience yet!
IGI Global is grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Galli and we look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of his journal, International Journal of Productivity Management and Assessment Technologies (IJPMAT). We would like to thank Dr. Galli and his Co-Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Oxana Karnaukhova from the Southern Federal University, Russia, in ensuring IJPMAT continues to cultivate quality knowledge innovation in Business and Management. For more information, please browse the journal's webpage. To potentially publish an article in this highly respected journal, please submit a manuscript here.
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of IGI Global.
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