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By IGI Global Open Access Division on May 13, 2022
IGI Global is now making it easier than ever for authors to convert their previously published subscription-based (standard access) content to open access (OA).
Once in their personal IGI Global Portal, authors can view their “Personal Library” which displays their previously published works with IGI Global. They can then select which works they are interested in having converted to open access (OA). There is a small processing charge for retrospective OA and authors are currently welcome to utilize their 50% contributor discount off the amount. The processing charge is indicated to the right of the paper where authors can simply click to have the content added to the shopping cart for easy payment. Once payment is received, the work will be moved over to IGI Global’s production environment for prompt conversion. Open access works have greater reach as there are no paywalls or logins associated with accessing the content. IGI Global has seen content converted from subscription-based (standard access) to open access benefit from tripled citation rates, drastically improving the impact and reach of the published work.
Please note that some OA funders provide provisions for authors to open their work retrospectively. For a list of OA funding organizations, please visit the Open Access Funding Resources page.
Please find step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Log into your IGI Global account with your email address and password.
    Portal Step 1
  2. Once you are logged in, click the drop down where your name appears and click on “My IGI Global Portal.”
    Portal Step 2
  3. Once you are in your personal portal, navigate to the bottom left corner and find your “Personal Library.” (Please note each author’s account will look different based on their personal previous publications.)
    Portal Step 3
  4. Once in your “Personal Library”, you will have the opportunity to add your previously published journal articles and/or book chapters to the shopping cart to pay for the open access conversion. Upon receipt of payment, your work will immediately be moved into IGI Global’s production environment for conversion to OA. Once the work is converted the copyright is transferred back to you as your work will now be published under a CC BY 4.0 license, allowing you to freely share and post the work wherever you wish. Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs) for converted works are deeply discounted. Currently, authors may also use their 50% contributor discount on retrospective OA charges as well.

    *Please see an example of the “Personal Library” and shopping cart options below.
    Portal Step 4
If you are not already familiar with the many benefits of retrospective open access, please view the benefits below:
Open Access (OA) content benefits from increased discoverability and 89% higher download rates. The OA model is highly beneficial as it provides researchers, academicians, and students around the world complete access to high-quality research contents. Choosing to publish under OA also:

  • Allows authors to make sure that their valuable and impactful research is freely accessible to everyone.
  • Increases the visibility, discoverability, and notoriety for the work.
  • Increases the sharing opportunities of the content, which in turn, increases the citation rates.
  • Improves the chances of the source (the full book or journal) being indexed in a prestigious index such as Scopus or Web of Science.
  • Aids with career development and advancement of academicians.
  • Provides unique networking and collaboration opportunities.
Additionally, authors who previously published their work under standard access will now have the copyright of their work transferred back to them once the work is converted to open access, under the CC BY 4.0 license.
For more information on open access publishing, please visit IGI Global’s Open Access Publishing page.
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