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IGI Global Provides Free Research Through the Open Access Model and the Free Content Program

By Sharlene Oong on Dec 19, 2018
As IGI Global continues to promote the dissemination of quality research, the academic publisher opens up one scholarly journal article for Open Access (OA) or reference book chapter for complimentary access, each month. These chapters and articles are included in some of the top-trending publications and include trending topics that will appeal to researchers and scholars across multiple disciplines.

Dedicated to ensuring that quality content is made available to the wider academic community, IGI Global is offering their new InfoSci®-Journals Open Access (OA) Fee Waiver (Offset Model) Program which provides researchers with alternative funding for APCs, and allows librarians to support a sustainable and quality OA movement, while providing resources their institution needs. Through IGI Global's InfoSci-Journals database, librarians and researchers can access emerging research for an affordable price, and participate in quality OA movement. To learn more about this program watch IGI Global’s 2018 Charleston Conference Neapolitan Panel Session, titled “Sustainable Open Access Approaches: Benefits for Researchers, Librarians, and Publishers,” and visit IGI Global’s InfoSci-Journals webpage.

The most recent articles and chapters include:

"Connection, Collaboration, and Community: Creative Commons” from the International Journal of Library and Information Services (IJLIS)
Written by Prof. Madhuri Tikam from the H. R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, this article describes how building up on the foundation of knowledge created by the previous scholars is the base of any scholarly communication. To protect the creator's intellectual property rights, copyright and other legal schemes were introduced. The article discusses about the background, attributes and advantages and challenges of Creative Common's licenses.

"Data Analytics Assisted Internet of Things Towards Building Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring Systems: IoT for Healthcare” from the Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (JOEUC)
Written by Prof. Srinivasa K G from CBP Government Engineering College, New Delhi, Prof. Sowmya BJ from MSRIT, Bangalore, Prof. Abhinav Shikhar from MSRIT, Bangalore, Prof. Ritu Utkarsha from RIET, Faridabad, and Prof. Aahan Singh from MSRIT, Bangalore, this article covers the rise in technology has had a tremendous impact in the field of healthcare. This paper proposes three systems to demonstrate the wide array of fields in healthcare and everyday life where IoT can be applied.

"From the Ethics of the Research Project to the Ethical Communication of Science: Particularities in the Social and Humanistic Fields” from Ethics in Research Practice and Innovation.
Written by Prof. Antonio Sandu from the University of Suceava, and LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, this chapter covers the postmodern interference between bioethics, epistemology, and philosophy of science arises from the field of ethics of research on human subjects. The ethics of research is based on a series of principles, of which the most significant are the honesty of obtaining and presenting results, the non-harm of human subjects, the respect for the autonomy of the subjects, and the principle of beneficence.

"Role of Open Source Software in Big Data Storage” from the Handbook of Research on Big Data Storage and Visualization Techniques.
Written by Prof. Rupali Ahuja from the University of Delhi, Prof. Jigyasa Malik from the University of Delhi, Prof. Ronak Tyagi from the University of Delhi, and Prof. R. Brinda from the University of Delhi, this chapter discusses the role of Open Source Software in Big Data Storage and how various organizations have benefitted from its use. It provides an overview of popular Open Source Big Data Storage technologies existing today. Distributed File Systems and NoSQL databases meant for storing big data have been discussed with their features, applications and comparison.

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All this research is part of the InfoSci®-Database, which consists of InfoSci®-Books, a collection of over 4,500+ books containing over 93,000+ chapters, and the InfoSci-Journals database, a collection of over 24,000+ peer-reviewed articles, and over one million reference citations sourced from over 185+ scholarly journals.

Featuring IGI Global’s robust collection of edited and authored references, handbooks of research, critical explorations, case books, research insights, and research essentials. IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books collection is being offered as low as US$ 8,580 US$6,864*, to ensure that librarians can affordably acquire emerging research for their institution.

IGI Global’s InfoSci-Journals database is being offered as low as US$ 5,100 US$ 4,080*, and contains peer-reviewed resources that have been featured in prestigious indices including Web of Science, Scopus, and more. This database ensures that institutions have access to the most innovative research.

These collections cover over 350+ topic areas that span 11 core subject areas including business and management, computer science, education, engineering, social sciences and humanities, and more, making them a valuable resource for academic- and research-focused institutions. Additionally, as both collections are hosted on the InfoSci platform, they host key features, such as free MARC records, no set-up or maintenance fees, COUNTER Compliant reports, full-text PDF and HTML format, no DRM, unlimited simultaneous users, and no embargo of content (research is available months in advance of the print release). Purchase or recommend InfoSci-Books or InfoSci-Journals to your librarian.
Be sure to check out upcoming chapters that will be opened up under the Free Content Program, as well as journal articles that will opened up under the OA model. Visit here to learn more, or recommend these databases to your librarian.
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