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As expressed in the preface of Dr. Velliaris’ IGI Global publication titled, Academic Language and Learning Support Services in Higher Education, today’s higher education (HE) environment is dynamic and complex, and to promote student learning in the long-term, there is evidence that academic skills need to be ‘enduring’. Academic Language and Learning (ALL) support services is about building relationships with HE students, locating places where they may become disconnected, and helping them to reconnect.
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While contemporary society is demanding and complex, many educational assessment practices today remain relatively straightforward. Dr Donna M Velliaris, an IGI Global editor of the Handbook of Research on Academic Misconduct in Higher Education (2016) and Prevention and Detection of Academic Misconduct in Higher Education (2019), underscores how just as students seek many and varied ways to cheat, professors should seek many and varied ways to combat intentional misconduct, and therein make the temptation to cheat more burdensome and counter-productive than it is worth.
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IGI Global's ongoing support of Peer Review Week and a reflection on the importance of trust in verified research.
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As many institutions reintroduce programs that allow students to enrich their learning through studying abroad, Dr. Donna Velliaris gives her views on the value of a culturally enhanced higher education experience.
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Did you know that one in six Gen Z (born between ~1997-2015) adults are identifying as LGBT?
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As the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine has begun to be administered, reports have found significant racial disparities among those being vaccinated in the UK and the U.S. More specifically, CNN has found that Black and Latino Americans are receiving it at lower rates than their white counterparts.
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Having an IGI Global Portal account is essential for receiving updates on current projects, managing submissions, accessing your past published content, and connecting your ORCID iD to your existing and past work.
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