IGI Global and Scite Partner to Fortify the Next Generation of Citations

By IGI Global on May 14, 2024
Brooklyn, NY - May 14, 2024 - Scite, an award-winning platform used by students and researchers to discover and understand the scientific literature better, has partnered with IGI Global, an independent academic publisher in Business & Management; Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM); and Education, to enhance citations and create deeper research insights for its global audience.
IGI Global joins over 40 major and mid-sized publishers as they collaborate with Scite to enrich Smart Citations. Pioneered by Scite, Smart Citations go beyond traditional citations by showing citation statements, which indicate where references are used within citing articles and classify whether the paper provides supporting or contrasting evidence to the cited claim. To date, Scite has analyzed and indexed over 1.3B citation statements extracted from more than 37M full-text articles.
Smart Citations were developed using sophisticated machine learning models that extract and analyze citation statements from full-text articles at scale. This information is embedded in a citation badge that helps researchers quickly and easily see how and why an article has been cited and engaged with in subsequent research -- providing a more nuanced and richer source of information than a simple citation count and list of cited articles without context.
IGI Global has integrated Smart Citation badges into its platform, adding to the over 3M articles that display Smart Citations from other publishers like Wiley, The Royal Society, Wolters Kluwer, The American Chemical Society and The National
Academy of Sciences.
Josh Nicholson, co-founder of Scite and Chief Strategy Officer of Research Solutions, remarked,
“We’re proud to collaborate with IGI Global as we expand our deployment of Smart Citations. Together, we can make research more discoverable, understandable, and ultimately reliable. IGI Global is an independent academic publisher focused on STM, Business, Management, and Education – key components shaping our collective future.”

665d587f-23df-4a9b-8275-c1d8c0610131 Melissa Wagner, Vice President of Editorial at IGI Global, shares the same sentiment regarding the
collaboration, stating,
“We view this as another invaluable tool that supports researchers as well as our esteemed contributors accessing our platform to better understand the context of how IGI Global’s published content is being utilized in driving research and innovation. As an independent and thus agile publishing house, IGI Global looks forward to furthering its partnership with Scite to offer even more innovative, supportive, and efficient ways to connect researchers with the content they need and further showcase its impact worldwide.”

About Scite
Established in 2018, Scite is a Brooklyn-based startup that revolutionizes how researchers discover and evaluate research through Smart Citations. Smart Citations transcend conventional references by offering in-text sentences, citing relevant sections, and providing a classification that denotes either support or contrast to the cited claim. Scite's powerful, innovative solutions equip researchers worldwide in various career stages. The company has received multiple accolades for its groundbreaking work in next-generation citations, such as the ISMTE People's Choice Award and ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing. Recently acquired by Research Solutions, Inc.
About Research Solutions
Research Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RSSS) provides cloud-based technologies to streamline the process of accessing, managing, and creating intellectual property. Since its founding, the company has been a pioneer in developing solutions to serve researchers. Today, more than 70 percent of the top pharmaceutical companies, prestigious universities, and emerging businesses rely on our family of products, powered by AI and NLP technologies, to support the innovation process from end to end with the most comprehensive information and knowledge tools on the market. For more information and details, please visit www.researchsolutions.com.
About IGI Global – Publishing Tomorrow’s Research Today
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, IGI Global is a leading medium-sized independent international academic publisher of cutting-edge, high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly reference publications in the three major academic subject areas of Business & Management, Scientific, Technical, & Medical (STM), and Education. With a commitment to facilitating the discovery of pioneering scientific research, this publishing house has empowered over 200,000+ expert researchers from leading institutions globally to bring advanced reference books and scholarly journals to the research community. IGI Global’s Open Access Journal Program includes nearly 200+ active fully open access journals and at present, IGI Global is one of the largest 100% open access journal publishers in the world. Through traditional and open access publishing workflows, IGI Global’s unique, swift, and agile proprietary processes (books release in roughly 6-9 months from start to finish) ensures that tomorrow’s research is published today.

Learn more about IGI Global here.
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