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By IGI Global Open Access Division on Oct 11, 2021
The act of submitting a manuscript to any publication is more than just uploading a word document and clicking “submit”. So much time, energy, and dedication go into preparing and finalizing research before it is submitted and goes through the peer review process. That is why it is important that before authors submit their work, they make sure they have done everything they possibly can to ensure it can move seamlessly through the review process and has the best chance of being accepted.
Benefits of Publishing Open Access with IGI Global
  • Affordable APCs (much lower than the
    industry average)
  • Rigorous & Expediate Publishing
  • Networking & Collaboration
  • Acceleration of Citation Impact
  • Increased Discoverability
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Manuscripts riddled with grammar and spelling errors with poor flow and readability not only distract reviewers but also can impede the presentation of the research results and can impact the credibility of the researcher. There could also be various issues surrounding the technical aspects of the research in the manuscript and as such it could greatly benefit from another expert researcher’s review and suggestions to improve upon the work prior to the submission of the manuscript to a reputable journal or book. This level of content review goes far beyond copy editing and proofreading, as it offers an expert peer review of the work.
Copy Editing IGI Global offers various editorial services to authors to support them in improving the quality of their work and increase its potential for acceptance. Our Author Services provide high quality, affordable, and expeditious editing services that range from scientific and scholarly editing to English language copy editing. This professional editing prior to submission improves the overall quality of the work and ultimately leads to less revisions and higher acceptance rates by removing any hindrance that lower quality material may cause.
IGI Global’s Author Services Include:
  • English Language Copy Editing and Proofreading: Rely on our professional native English-language copy editors to improve your manuscript’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, terminology, semantics, consistency, flow, and more.
  • Scientific and Scholarly Editing: Includes a review from a Ph.D.-level professional in your field of study who evaluates your research and provides peer-review-style feedback, addressing all aspects of your paper for qualities such as originality and significance, interest to researchers, level of methodology and analysis, coverage of literature, organization, quality of writing, and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Figure, Table, Chart, and Equation Conversions: Graphic designers will enhance and design all figures and charts to IGI Global’s specific standards for final production clarity. Design options include figure design, enhancement and corrections, image editing and resizing, raw data transformations, equation conversions, presentation and poster design, and much more.
Benefits of IGI Global's Author Services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Turnaround Times as Short as 3-5 Business Days
  • Free Journal Finder
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Complimentary Journal Formatting
  • Deduction of Service Costs From Open Access APC/CPC/BPC Fees
  • And More
Along with creating quality content for authors to submit, IGI Global’s Author Services also support the Open Access (OA) publishing movement. For any author who chooses to utilize IGI Global’s Author Services and then submit their manuscript to any IGI Global journal or book, that author can have the amount paid for the services deducted from the open access processing charges if they choose to publish their work under open access. Authors can choose to utilize this with their work that is currently in process, or with their work that has already been published, in which the content can be converted to OA retroactively.
  • The article processing charge (APC) for the Journal of Technological Advancements (JTA) is US$ 1,500. If an author’s service costs US$ 500, that US$ 500 will be deducted from the US$ 1,500 and the author will only pay US$ 1,000 to publish under OA if the manuscript is accepted into JTA.
  • An author published a chapter in a book with a 2020 copyright year. Before their chapter was published, they utilized Author Services and paid US$ 800 USD and the cost to retroactively convert their 2020 chapter to OA is US$ 1,500, they would only pay US$ 700 to convert their book chapter to OA.
Author Services
In OA publishing, OA Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs)* cover the costs related to the publishing of the article or chapter manuscript, which includes the digital tools used to support the manuscript management and review process, typesetting, formatting, online hosting, submission to indexes and directories, plagiarism checks, editorial and promotional support, and of course, the ability for the manuscript to be freely accessible to all upon publication as IGI Global’s OA content operates under the CC BY license (the author will retain the copyright of the published work and be able to utilize the published work freely as they choose after it is published). OA is a huge benefit to authors as opening up research can lead to an 89% increase in usage and citation impact. Also, at IGI Global, we position our publications so that they are highly visible among the academic community and ensure that they are submitted to prestigious indexes and OA directories, and strive to do all we can to support our authors in their career advancement, networking, and collaboration with peers. Learn More About Open Access Publishing and Processing Charges >
For more information regarding IGI Global Author Services and/or OA publishing, please contact IGI Global’s Open Access Division at
*APCs and CPCs are not requested until after the manuscript has undergone the full double-blind peer review process and is accepted for publication (Note: No APC or CPC is requested for rejected manuscripts).
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