Hear From the Expert Behind the International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design (IJISMD):

Dr. Remigijus Gustas on Leading an Open Access Journal

By IGI Global on Apr 28, 2023
Taking on the title of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is no easy task. There is a lot of responsibility and time that goes into this position. We reached out to Dr. Remigijus Gustas who is EiC of International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design (IJISMD) to hear his thoughts, outlook, and aims when it comes to leading an Open Access journal.
Dr. Gusta's journal IJISMD aims to provide an international forum for modeling experts and design professionals for exchanging innovative ideas. The journal enables presentation of original work on the development of models for blending software and enterprise engineering, managing complexity of design, visualization of integration, and evolution.
To you, what are the most important attributes of your journal? What sets your journal apart from others?
Dr. Gustas: The quality of the papers, rigorous peer-review process, type of research supported, blend of research topics, and being freely available under open access worldwide.
What does it mean for you to lead an open access journal where all new published content is freely available worldwide?
Dr. Gustas: Since all contents is available online, it is much easier for the authors to make references and build on the other research. At the same time it is more comfortable for the reviewers and for editors in chief, since everybody can access what is published already. The feedback is much more effective.
Who will benefit from the open access research within IJISMD?
Dr. Gustas: Scholars and practitioners.
What is your outlook on Open Access research in the future as more mandates are put in place and more publications take up the open access model of publishing?
Dr. Gustas: It must be useful for our research community moving forward.
Are there any trending/niche research areas that you are looking for in the articles submitted to your journal? What areas of research would you suggest researchers submit to IJISMD? / What are some future directions for your research?
Dr. Gustas: Future directions of IJISMD include:
  • Automated and AI-assisted conceptual modeling
  • Complexity management of large conceptual models
  • Concept formalization, including data manipulation languages and techniques, formal concept analysis, and integrity constraints
  • Domain-specific modeling
  • Discovery of models, (anti-) patterns, and structures
  • Evolution, exchange, integration and transformation of models
  • Justification and evaluation of models
  • Logic-based knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Multi-level and multi-perspective modeling
  • Ontological and cognitive foundations
  • Quality paradigms and metrics
  • Domain and method engineering
  • Visualization techniques in IS
  • Big Data architectures
  • Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things

    What advice do you have for researchers seeking to publish academic research in this field of research?
    Dr. Gustas: Submitted papers should be sufficiently mature, contain good motivation, clear on the novelty and some evaluation section.
    How would you suggest researchers utilize the freely accessible content of this?
    Dr. Gustas: By citing the papers provided in this journal and a novel research that can be built upon existing research.
    Thank you to Dr. Gustas for his dedication and commitment to keeping his journal to the highest qualitiy, as well as sharing his insights as an EiC. IJISMD and all IGI Global journals are currently seeking submissions.
    Please visit the Call for Papers page for all IGI Global journals seeking submissions. Published under Gold Open Access, these journals offer research that is freely accessible to all members of the research community. Please utilize these resources by browsing all Open Access Articles and Chapters.

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    About Dr. Gustas

    Remigijus Gustas is a full-time professor in the Department of Information Systems at Karlstad University (Sweden). He is the head of the research group on enterprise and system architecture design. Remigijus Gustas holds a diploma in system engineering (1979), a doctor (1986) and a docent (1991) in the area of information systems. In 1999, he was granted a habilitated doctor degree in the area of information system engineering. His main teaching subjects are system analysis and design, advances in information system modeling, object-oriented modeling, database systems, and enterprise modeling. Remigijus Gustas has been involved in a number of industrial and European information technology projects. Remigijus Gustas is a member of IFIP WG 8.1. He was leading projects in the area of enterprise modeling, service-oriented analysis and design, e-business modeling, and software technologies. Remigijus Gustas has acted as a reviewer of contributions for several journals. He was chairing and serving as a program committee member in a number of international conferences. Remigijus Gustas is the author of one monograph and more than eighty research publications. His research interests lie in the area of conceptual modeling, semantic and pragmatic aspects of service architectures, information system analysis and design, enterprise modeling and integration.

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    (717) 533-8845

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