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What is Alienation

Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technologies and Adult Education Integration
Effect using technology will have on marginalized groups in relation to the dominant culture. The result is a feeling of being left out or ignored by the society at large.
Published in Chapter:
Perceived Neutrality of Technology and its Potential Impact: Recontextualizing Technology into Adult Learning Settings Using a Cultural Studies Approach
Jim Berger (Western Kentucky University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-906-0.ch049
This chapter seeks to define technology, explore various views of technology, including feminist and afro-centric perspectives, and to identify the cultural dimensions of technology and their impact on adults as learners. I explore the viewpoints of several philosophers and researchers in the field of science and technology studies and use these to show how technology is embedded with cultural values. I propose using a cultural studies model to define various ways to study technology and its impact on adult learners and draw from these to propose ways of examining technology and users, and a means of researching the many “moments of intersection” between technology, adult learners and facilitators.
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A Critical Theory of Adult and Community Education
The process by which people become detached from their true, authentic selves.
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Bernays, Horkheimer, and Adorno: Theory in the Age of Social Media
In the writings of Horkheimer and Adorno, the term alienation is borrowed from Marx’s definition which describes an estranging frame-of-reference which is adopted and promulgated by capitalistic cultures that functions as a way of separating workers from their work products. Through oppressive work environments and the existential crises caused by them, alienation occurs when workers see their work as irrelevant or even counter to their personal and fundamental identities, desires, and beliefs.
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Sedated by the Screen: Social Use of Time in the Age of Mediated Acceleration
Act and effect of detaching itself from the real and being suspended from the surrounding reality. The alienation promoted by the screen time causes the individual to shift their attention from the material context in which they find themselves, to a virtual context in which they interact in the pursuit of fruition.
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Exploring Human Identity From Social, Cultural, Philosophical, and Biopolitical Perspectives: Free v Confined I
Feeling disconnected and isolated from others or society involving a painful separation between the Self and the others that belong together.
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A Brief Debate on Alienation, Authenticity, and Tourism
Alienation usually refers to the state or perception of powerlessness, meaninglessness, and estrangement from both the society and the self. It is useful to note that there is not a consensus on the definition and the content of alienation yet.
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Conflicts Between Words, Images and Reality in Contemporary Advertising
Originally, Karl Marx’s concept for the working class based on a pure social condition. Aliened workers invariably lose the ability to determine their life and destiny, while the goods and services they produce through their own labor, all belongs to the capitalists (the owners).
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