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What is Comics

Instructional Leadership Efforts and Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Writing Instruction
A term which refers to a juxtaposed material of images and words, linking grids, layouts, panels, and other grammatical features.
Published in Chapter:
Expanding Potential for Written Engagement With the Visual and Textual
Jason D. DeHart (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8661-0.ch010
This chapter focuses on the extended possibilities of considering what is textual and written alongside the visual, a move that has been noted by literacy scholars for some time. In the author's state of residence, writing has become an overlooked aspect of the curriculum and, in the author's high school context, writing engagement itself exists on an uneven continuum among students. Moreover, literacy is becoming a closed venture as book bans increase and authors are absent on shelves, yet resonant and intriguing for adolescent readers who are seeking authentic voices.
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Making Meaning of Maturity Ratings in Manga: A Multimodal Analysis
A literary medium that uses images and text to tell a story. It is read from left to right.
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Families in the Mirror and Women on the Edge: Educating for Sustainability About Family and Gender Dynamics Through Comic Strips and Sociology
Any print or digital, magazine or book format that contains a set of stories told in pictures with a small amount of writing considered to be funny and making you want to laugh.
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A Narrative Journey Through Faith and Literacy
An umbrella for the medium that juxtaposes words and images, including features like panels, gutters, captions, and word/thought balloons.
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Expanding Literacy and Textual Work With Comics and Digital Instruction
A universal term for the mingling of visual and verbal across a particular narrative form, either print or digital.
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Transmedial and Transformational Practices in Comics Work
In this work, comics is a term that is used to define a particular mode of storytelling, aligned with a particular grammatical sensibility.
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An Autoethnographic Approach to Adaptations and Limitations in Comics
A medium that features panels and other features to convey visual and word-based narratives.
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Exploring Visual Texts in Higher Education (Online) Settings
A medium that contains a particular set of design features that link words and images in a juxtaposition on a printed or digital page; the term may also be used to refer to shorter published versions of stories in this medium.
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Transformational Pedagogy, or Teaching While Trans
An art form typically combining images and text in a sequential manner.
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Kindergarten Comics: Young Children's Graphic Ideas About Curriculum and Relationships
Images and words put together to tell a story, convey meaning, or communicate an idea. A graphic language with grammar and conventions. In the context of this chapter, drawings, cartoons (single panel comics) and comics (multi-panel comics) are all referred to as comics.
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The Role of Graphic Novels in K-12 Classrooms
A term that refers to sequential art that usually includes text, often indicating comic books or comic strips; also used by some as a generic term for all forms of sequential art.
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