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What is Digital Education

Handbook of Research on Faculty Development for Digital Teaching and Learning
A rather new term describing the use of digital technologies in education.
Published in Chapter:
How to Foster Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education
Martin Ebner (Graz University of Technology, Austria), Timotheus Hell (Graz University of Technology, Austria), and Markus Ebner (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8476-6.ch020
In this chapter, the authors deal with the topic of integration of technology-enhanced learning in higher education. Due to the worldwide debate on digitalization for all possible areas, even educational institutions are asking how they can deal with this change or how they have to prepare for the future. At Graz University of Technology, a pre-project was started to elaborate a policy, which should help to start different projects afterwards. Therefore, a participatory approach was started following the idea that each university member (lecturers, researchers, administrators, or students) can give input. Different measurements divided into the fields of education, research, administration, and transformation were carried out, summarized, and consolidated to provide a final policy. The outcome of this publication will focus on the description of the whole process as well as the summary of the most interesting aspects which were used for the final policy. Furthermore, an outlook on how the digital policy will be brought to practice in the following years will be provided.
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Digital Education During COVID-19 in Odisha: Challenges and Prospects
A new mode of education using various digital tools in the teaching learning process.
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Digital Education and Its Changing Concepts and Scenario for New Age Teaching and Learning Models: Techno-Educational Context
Digital Education is about the training and education digitally in online mode or ICT in traditional mode of education using latest ICT based tools and systems.
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Moving In-Frame: Creativity Through Reflection Within Digital Spaces
Education that uses digital technologies to engage in the learning process including computers, software, phones, and cameras.
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E-Learning in Advancement of the Educational Sector in the Context of Smart City: A Scientific Study
transformation of traditional education into a digitalized form is referred to as digital education. Digital education help in revolutionary changes in education system.
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How COVID-19 Has Stimulated Innovation in the Chinese Education Sector
It refers to the teaching activities in which teachers and learners follow modern educational theories and use digital teaching resources and modes to train the interdisciplinary talents with innovative consciousness and innovative ability to meet the needs of the new century.
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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Digital Transition in Higher Education in Uzbekistan
It refers to using innovative information technologies to teach students of all ages.
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Tools and Techniques of Digital Education
Digital education is the process of using digital technologies to assist the modern education system.
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Digipreneurs: A Part of or Apart From Online Education?
Digital education involves the use of digital technologies, such as computers, the internet, and software applications, to facilitate and enhance the learning process. It includes online learning, e - learning platforms, and other tech - enabled educational methods.
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