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What is Instruction

Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technologies and Adult Education Integration
This term also means education, which refers to the teaching and learning of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Published in Chapter:
Online Adult Education: Policy, Access, Completion and Equity
Viktor Wang (California State University, Long Beach, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-906-0.ch030
To serve a significant portion of the student population, adult learners, in the academy in the 21st century, this chapter argues that online education (e.g., e-learning) has the potential to open wider the door to greater access and advancement for learners across their life spans than the traditional four walled classroom. Some of the major issues revolving around online education and adult learners such as policy, access, completion and equity have been addressed in this chapter. The purpose of this chapter is to show how we can rely on practice and research to harness the great yet untapped potential of online education to promote online education programs especially among adult learners. Policy, access, completion and equity must be well addressed if online adult education is to be employed effectively and efficiently.
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A Framework to Assess Appropriate Interaction to Meet Accreditation Quality Guidelines
“Anything that is done purposely to facilitate learning” ( Reigeluth & Carr-Chellman, 2009 , p. 6). Smaldino, Lowther, Russell, and Mims (2015) define instruction as “any intentional effort to stimulate learning by the deliberate arrangement of experiences to help learners achieve a desirable change in capability” (p. 25).
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Orientation and Mobility Instructions for the Visually Impaired: Strategies for Successful Inclusion
Refers to a set of techniques that target spatial and environmental concepts and use information received by the senses (such as sound, temperature, and vibrations) to establish, maintain, or restore direction and line of travel.
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Unifying Instructional and Game Design
The multitude of ways a person learns including all course materials, assignments, exams, class time, tutoring, etc. (adapted by the authors from Gagné, Briggs, & Wager, 1992).
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Supporting Community Engagement Through Real-World Instructional Learning
The guiding introduction of new information that may successfully lace into prior knowledge, progressive engagement with new information in new and different manners of understanding, towards formative and summative evaluations of understanding and differentiated learning, towards developing a level of competency and associated understanding related to the information under study.
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Flipped Classroom: Advanced Issues and Applications
The information about how to do or use something, often written in a book.
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Digital Media Affecting Society: Instruction and Learning
The process of delivering education from one source to another.
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Instructional Design for the Technological Learning Environment
For educators instruction is finding the right words or the smallest things to make connections with your students to spark learning.
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Self-Normalizing Distance Learning Tools
Information that contains commands and explanations on how to behave or to complete a task.
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Research on Cultural Factors in Global E-Learning
The deliberate arrangement of activities (including presentation, practice, feedback, and assessment) designed to facilitate achieving specific learning outcomes.
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Preparing and Training Higher Education Faculty to Ensure Quality Online Learning and Teaching
The segment of the lesson planning cycle in which teaching or content delivery primarily occurs.
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