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What is Marginalized

Handbook of Research on Opening Pathways for Marginalized Individuals in Higher Education
To put (or keep) someone in a powerless position within a particular group.
Published in Chapter:
Navigating Parental Leave Through Ad Hoc Policies in Higher Education: Voices From the Field
Sandra M. Linder (Clemson University, USA), Mindy Spearman (Clemson University, USA), Alison E. Leonard (Clemson University, USA), and Nicole A. Bannister (Clemson University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3819-0.ch004
This chapter describes the collective experiences of four tenure-track faculty members at a research-intensive institution who experienced at least one pregnancy and their negotiated, informal family leave arrangements. Informal negotiations specifically around parental leave are common at this institution (and many others across the country). These informal negotiations can take varied approaches as described in this chapter, but across all the experiences of these faculty, these negotiations resulted in negative outcomes for the faculty member. The chapter describes these negative outcomes along with potential rationales for why these types of negotiations exist at academic institutions instead of formalized policies that protect pregnant academics.
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Children and Youth Making Digital Media for the Social Good
A person or group of people whose perspectives are outside the mainstream.
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Hispanic Males in Rural America: The Strive for Equity in Post-Secondary Education
In regard to groups of people, to be treated as less, insignificant, or unimportant.
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“I Don't See Color, I Grade on Content”: An Approach to Addressing Embodied Microaggressive Behaviors in Preservice Teacher Programs
Further from the center of what is accepted as “normal”, being on the extremes of society i.e. both the financially impoverished and financially wealthy are marginalized where the middle income earners set the norm.
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Service-Learning and Social Justice for College and University Students: Replacing Memorization with Meaning
The treatment of a person or group as insignificant or peripheral. In this chapter, service-learning groups support and perform services for several marginalized populations.
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Economic Empowerment of Women in Pakistan
The word has been used for women in this chapter implying the deprived of necessities; disempowered; neglected.
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Barriers to a STEM Career: Math Anxiety and the Adult Female
To be in a position of lower importance than other social classes.
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Linguistic Liberation: The Experiences of Black Higher Education Professionals
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Reinventing Critical Digital Literacy to Empower Student-Teachers in Cross-Cultural, Web-Based Learning Environments
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A Culture of Care: A Critical Component of Equity in Action
A person or group within a particular identity category that are treated as insignificant or peripheral to what matters.
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