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What is Novice

Faculty Roles and Changing Expectations in the New Age
A faculty member who has had less than three years of teaching experience.
Published in Chapter:
A Study of Novice Faculty Members' Experiences During the Mentoring Process
Kerri Pilling Burchill (Southern Illinois Healthcare, USA) and David Anderson (Eastern Michigan University, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7438-5.ch013
This chapter suggests a new framework for thinking about the role of informal mentoring in higher education based on the persistently changing role of education. The chapter provides the findings from a qualitative research study that examined how the lived experiences of three novice professors guided their engagement in informal mentoring opportunities. The study offers evidence to capture how engagement in mentoring opportunities improved the quality of teaching. With each mentoring opportunity, these three professors gained knowledge and skills that they integrated into their classrooms to be more effective teachers. The conclusions address the following areas: the importance of previous lived experiences as a catalyst for in engaging in mentoring opportunities; the importance of mentoring having an informal structure, one where they controlled the learning direction; the nature and ramifications of the informal versus formal aspects of this process; and the findings in this study align with Kolb's learning theory.
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Just a Group of Oil Ladies: The Fandom Phenomena of Essential Oil Users
An individual that is considered as a new customer or first user of the brand, but that shows at least some basic knowledge of the product.
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Expertise Development for Next-Generation Digital Learners
Literally, someone who is new—a probationary member who has had some (“minimal”) exposure to the domain.
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Experience, Cognition and Video Game Play
An individual with little or no experience in relation to performing a specific task.
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