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What is Online Interaction

Handbook of Research on Strategic Management of Interaction, Presence, and Participation in Online Courses
A mutual or reciprocal action or influence over the internet.
Published in Chapter:
Web-Based Technologies for Ensuring Interaction in Online Courses: Faculty Choice and Student Perception of Web-Based Technologies for Interaction in Online Economics
Olivia P. Morris (Online Learning, Chicago, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9582-5.ch010
This chapter discusses findings from a study of five faculty and 33 students from micro- and macroeconomics sections of online economics courses over the course of a semester. The study investigated faculty choice of web-based technologies for interaction and students' perceptions of such technologies. The objectives of the study were twofold. First, the author investigated faculty choice of web-based technologies for three major types of online interactions (learner–instructor, learner–content, and learner–learner). Second, the author examined student perceptions of technologies and recorded recommendations. Results from two online surveys of faculty and students at 2- and 4-year colleges showed strong agreement with perceptions of Moore, Drouin, Rhode, and Gardner. Faculty and students reported learner–learner interactions as the least important of the three interaction types. Although the discussion board was most effective for all three types of interactions, students from this sample did not prefer more learner–learner discussions.
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More Results
Online Interaction and Threaded Discussion
is (1) learners’ participation or active involvement, (2) specific patterns and amounts of communication, (3) instructor activities and feedback, (4) social exchange or collaboration, and (5) instructional activities and affordances of the technology ( Bannan-Ritland, 2002 ).
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Designing and Developing Online and Distance Courses
The dialogue(s) and communication between and/or among physically-separated participants in online learning environments with the support of educational technology.
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Nethnography: A Naturalistic Approach Towards Online Interaction
Social interaction held by co-participants of a digital environment.
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Understanding Group Interaction and Knowledge Building in Virtual Learning Environments
A computer-mediated dialogue/event between two or more participants that occurs asynchronously and/or synchronously.
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A Proposition for Developing Trust and Relational Synergy in International e-Collaborative Groups
Involves individuals or group engaging in communication process that is taking place over Internet or technology network environment.
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Examination of Empirical Studies on Customer Engagement, Online Engagement, and Social Media Engagement
Online interaction is that in marketing, consumers communicate or interact with each other, with the business or with the brand, and this is done in an online environment.
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Towards Blended Learning Designs Fostering Adults' Social Capital: What Do Empirical Findings Reveal?
Interactions among learners in a course or members of an online community.
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