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What is Social Cohesion

Handbook of Research on Fostering Social Justice Through Intercultural and Multilingual Communication
A cluster of common values and purpose in a society, including a sense of belonging and solidarity for people from diverse backgrounds, leading to the development of a collective identity, grown out of community association.
Published in Chapter:
Negotiating and Navigating Plurilingual Classroom Citizenship: Social Cohesion and Functional Multilingual Learning
Nell Foster (Ghent University, Belgium & University of the Western Cape, South Africa), Piet Van Avermaet (Ghent University, Belgium), and Nathalie Auger (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5083-3.ch013
This chapter adopts the lens of social cohesion to explore the practices and perspectives of primary school pupils in Brussels, Belgium, when they were allowed to use their home languages in the classroom for the first time. Drawing on ethnographic data, the authors document how the pupils and teachers negotiated and navigated new sociolinguistic norms, generating novel forms of inclusive practice that reached across difference. Nonetheless, the introduction of a multilingual approach also destabilised feelings of class cohesion as the perceived benefits were unevenly spread across the group. The data highlights the complex terrain of multilingual insults, which fuelled pupil scepticism about an open language policy in the playground. This suggests that plurilingual classroom cohesion is best supported by approaches which openly embrace the potentially disruptive elements of a multilingual community, thereby enabling meaningful social learning.
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Rich Ling: An Intellectual Auto-Biography
The extent of connectedness and solidarity among groups in society. It is the ongoing process of developing a community of shared values, shared challenges and equal opportunity among all members.
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The Potential of Gamification for Humanitarian Organizations to Support Integration in Migration Contexts
Strength of togetherness including the sense of belonging and trust as well as reciprocity between members of the society.
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Afrophobic-Induced Violence on African Immigrants in South Africa
Is an expression reflective of togetherness and solidarity and be used to strengthen social relationships and tolerance among people.
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The Phenomenon of Corruption and Its Impact on the Loss of Social Cohesion in Colombia
This indicates the mutual integration, interaction, and cooperation of the members of a community. It is based on consistent democratic values. It allows to assess how solid a state is in relation to social order and its governance.
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Arabic Language Heritage Schools: The Educational Potential of Celebrating Identity and Diversity
A sense of togetherness often achieved through co-operation and collaboration.
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Using Network Analysis for Understanding How Decisions are Made
Characteristic of a portion of a network, for example, a cluster, where nodes are very strongly connected to one another. A consequence of cohesion is that little informational advantages can be derived from adding further linkages within the cluster.
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Cross-Cultural Virtual Team Projects: International Virtual Engineering Student Teams
The degree of connectedness and unity amongst individuals in a group or community.
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Identification of Various Dimensions and Indicators of Immigrant Integration Into Global Scenarios
A set of ideas that problematizes differences between immigrants and natives and seeks (typically via government policies) to resolve such problems by fostering ‘shared values’ and ‘common identities’.
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Social Capital as a Factor of Success in Mexican Cooperatives: Case – Cooperativa “Las Chiquihuitecas” Producer of Grana Cochinilla
It can be considered as a connection or feeling between individuals or organizations that arises through the creation of a sense of belonging to the group, promoting the trust, inclusion and well-being of all those involved.
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A Youth Perspective to Participation and Local Governance in Zimbabwe's Post-Fast Track Land Reform Farms
The degree to which members of a social system identify with it and feel bound to support its norms, beliefs, values, and so forth.
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