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What is Spin-Off

Handbook of Research on Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Global Economy
A new enterprise created by members of the academic community to commercialise and transfer technology which makes up an element of intellectual property, created in the parent academic institution.
Published in Chapter:
Start-Ups and Spin-Offs in Biotechnology Sector in Poland: Business Models Analysis
Anna Białek-Jaworska (University of Warsaw, Poland) and Renata Gabryelczyk (University of Warsaw, Poland)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8216-0.ch010
This chapter concerns the subject of research-developmental activity of biotech spin-offs in Poland with particular reference to their strategy, determinants of their development and determinants of their financial standing. In the chapter, the authors analyse the determinants of biotech spin-offs and start-ups development in Poland in the light of the research commercialisation cooperation on the universities-business line. The literature overview contains the definition of a process for the commercialisation of the results of research and development (R&D) activity and components of companies' business models. The chapter defines key activities in the development of business models in the context of the commercialisation process and the life cycle of the company, especially at the start up and early stage. Quality-quantitative analysis includes the business models of seven biotechnology spin-offs traded on the alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, especially the structure of their intellectual capital, R&D expenses in relation to received subsides and grants, third-party shares in start up equity, and the ability to realise the “Go Global” strategy.
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Fostering Entrepreneurship at the Spanish University: Does Gender Matter?
A company that is founded by a faculty member, staff member, or student who left the university to start a company or who started the company while still affiliated with the university; and/or around a technology or technology-based idea developed within the university ( Peñafiel, 2010 ).
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Spinning off Gerotechnology Business Activities: The LLM Care Best Practice Paradigm
The divisions of companies or organizations that then become independent businesses with assets, employees, intellectual property, technology, or existing products that are taken from the parent company.
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Academic Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer Networks: Translation Process and Boundary Organizations
A firm which was born from another company, university or research centre either public or private, usually with the aim of exploring a new product or service. Academic spin-offs, born in the universities or other public research organizations, are the most frequent. Commonly, to be considered a university spin-off, the firm must be originated in the university, explore technological innovation, patents or knowledge obtained with research, be independent from the university, have commercial purposes, and must be formed by, at least, a university's member (student, faculty or employee).
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An Interactive Escape Room That Increases the Digital Skills of the Physical Activity and Sport Science Students
In the audiovisual world, works that arise from other existing works that focus on including more details or aspects different from the original are considered.
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Techland: New Educational Paths Focused on Energy Resources and Sustainability Using Virtual Worlds
In the context of mass media is a derivative work developed from a main work, typically an audiovisual product born of a TV fiction, film, comic or videogame, which maintains the setting of the original work but tells parallel stories focusing the attention on different characters, often secondary in the reference work ( ).Virtual Worlds: Virtual worlds (VW) or MUVEs (multi user virtual worlds), or (immersive virtual worlds (IVW) are online simulated spaces where avatars (the customizable graphical model of the user) can explore, build, code, interact each other, with objects and communicate in a synchronous and asynchronous way.
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Technology Transfer Process in Brazil: An Overview of the National Context
A new company created by an existing organization to commercialize technology or other intellectual property. Spin-offs can occur when the existing organization is unable to fully develop or market the technology, or when a separate business opportunity is identified.
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