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Dr. Brij Gupta on Developing Impactful Journals

By Emily Leister on Nov 25, 2022
B. B. Gupta Taking on the title of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is no easy task. There is a lot of responsibility and time that goes into this position. We reached out to Dr. Brij Gupta who is EiC of International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IJCAC) with Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras (The American College of Greece, Greece), EIC of International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence (IJSSCI) with Dr. Andrew W.H. Ip (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), and the co-EiC with Dr. Lytras of the International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS) to hear his thoughts and work ethic when it comes to supporting three different journals within IGI Global.
At present, Dr. Gupta is working as a Professor in the Computer Science and Information Engineering department at Asia University, Taichung City, Taiwan. His research interest includes information security, cyber security, mobile/smartphone, cloud computing, web security, intrusion detection, computer networks and phishing.
International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IJCAC)
ISSN: 2156-1834
EISSN: 2156-1826
International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence (IJSSCI)
ISSN: 2156-1834
EISSN: 2156-1826
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS)
ISSN: 1552-6283
EISSN: 1552-6291
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What drove you to become the Editor-in-Chief of a journal? How has it impacted your professional responsibilities?
Dr. Brij Gupta: Presently, I am an editor in chief of IJSWIS, IJCAC and IJSSCI Journals. When I was approached to become the Editor-in-Chief, I saw it as an opportunity to give back to the field of information science and technology. I had been working in the field for many years and had seen the journals grow and change over time. I saw becoming the Editor-in-Chief as a way to help the journals continue to grow and evolve. I was also motivated by the challenge of increasing the journal’s indexing status.
As Editor-in-Chief, I am responsible for the vision and management of a journal. This role has impacted my professional responsibilities in many ways. First, I am responsible for the journal’s strategic planning and for developing its long-term vision. Second, I am responsible for managing the editorial team and for ensuring that the journal runs smoothly. Third, I have had to learn to manage my time more efficiently, and at last, I have also had to learn to communicate with a wide variety of people, both within the journal and outside of it. Overall, becoming the Editor-in-Chief of a journal has been a very positive experience.
As Editor-in-Chief, my responsibilities include setting the editorial direction of the journal, overseeing the peer-review process, and working with the publisher to ensure that it meets the highest standards of scientific and journalistic excellence.
To you, what are the most important attributes of your journals? What sets your journals apart from others? (Example – quality of the papers, rigorous peer review process, type of research supported, blend of research topics, etc.)
Dr. Brij Gupta: I feel that the most important attributes of a journal are the quality of the papers that are published in it. As Editor-in-Chief, I am proud to oversee a rigorous peer review process and publish high-quality papers and also the type of research that is conducted in it. The journal’s editorial board is composed of the most esteemed experts in the field, which gives me the confidence to make bold decisions.
Are there any trending research topics you would like to see submitted to your journals?
Dr. Brij Gupta: The researchers and developers from Industry and Academia are continuously working for the betterment of the life that leads to trend topics. Nowadays, the trending areas are Online social media, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, IoT and many more. Covid, health care and environmental issues are still in the race. I am always interested in new research, and I would love to see papers on trending topics submitted to the journal. As a researcher, I am always looking for new research to keep up with the latest developments in my field. I would like to see papers submitted to the journal on trending and latest topics such as block chain, cyber security, artificial Intelligence, and big data. I believe that these topics are of great interest to academicians and researchers and would be of great value to the journal’s readership.
As Editor-in-Chief, I would like to see more papers submitted on trending research topics in health care, environment, and sustainability and many more. In particular, I would like to see more papers on the use of artificial intelligence in medicine and on the impact of climate change on health.
How do you help to ensure that the content in your journals are discoverable and used by the research community?
Dr. Brij Gupta: As the Editor-in-Chief, I am committed to ensuring that the journal’s content is discoverable and used by the research community. To that end, I work with indexers and abstractors to ensure that our content is included in major databases, and we also make our content available through social media and other channels. I believe that it is important for researchers to be able to find and use the journal’s content, and also committed to making it as easy as possible for them to do so.
Do you have advice for other EICs on how to recruit quality submissions? Or any general advice?
Dr. Brij Gupta: As editor-in-chief, one of the most important things you can do is recruit high-quality submissions. My advice to other EICs is to work closely with their editorial boards in order to identify topics of interest and promote submissions. By working with the editorial board to identify potential authors and by actively promoting journals through social media and other channels, it can be achieved. Also work with publisher to ensure that journals are included in the major databases and indexing services. By making sure that journal’s content is discoverable and used by researchers, we can improve the quality of research and ultimately improve the desirable goal.
What do you find to be the greatest challenge facing journal EICs in the industry today?
Dr. Brij Gupta: The greatest challenge facing journal EICs in the industry today is the increasing pressure to publish more research with less time and resources. This pressure is driven by the need to maintain or increase the journal’s impact factor, which is a measure of the journal’s prestige. To meet this challenge, EICs must work closely with their editorial boards to identify quality submissions and promote the journal through social media and other channels. Additionally, EICs must partner with major scientific and medical societies as well as indexing services.
Also, an issue facing journal EICs is the need to constantly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of scientific publishing. With the advent of new digital technologies, EICs must be proactive in seeking out new ways to disseminate their journal’s content. Additionally, EICs must be mindful of the ever-changing preferences of their audience and ensure that the journal’s content is accessible and appealing to readers.
How has your experience been publishing with IGI Global?
Dr. Brij Gupta: As the Editor-in-Chief of the journals like IJSWIS, IJCAC & IJSSCI, it has been my pleasure to work with IGI Global. I have found staff to be very professional and helpful, and the quality of the publishing process to be very high. IGI Global has also been very supportive of my efforts to promote the journal, and I am confident that IGI Global will continue to be a valuable partner in the future.
IGI Global has been a great partner in publishing my journal. They have been very supportive and have helped me to navigate the ever-changing landscape of scientific publishing. IGI Global is also very proactive in marketing their journals, which has been very helpful in getting our journal’s name out there. They have a very user-friendly manuscript submission system along with a fair review process. Overall IGI Global has a strong commitment to quality and customer service, and I have been very impressed with their team. IGI Global has been a great partner in publishing my journal.
Thank you to Dr. Gupta for his dedication and commitment to keeping his journals to the highest qualities, as well as sharing his insights as an EiC. IJSWIS, IJCAC, IJSSCI and all IGI Global journals are currently seeking submissions. Please visit the Call for Papers page to search relevant journals. Published under Gold Open Access, these journals and more offer research that is freely accessible to all members of the research community. Please utilize these resources by browsing all Open Access Articles and Chapters.
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About Dr. Gupta

B. B. Gupta received PhD degree from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India in the area of Information and Cyber Security. In 2009, he was selected for Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and awarded by Government of Canada Award. He spent more than six months in University of Saskatchewan (UofS), Canada. He has published more than 250 research papers in International Journals and Conferences of high repute including IEEE, Elsevier, ACM, Springer, Inderscience, etc. He has visited several countries, i.e. Canada, Japan, USA, UK, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Australia, Hong-Kong, etc to present his research work. His biography was selected and published in the 30th Edition of Marquis Who's Who in the World, 2012. Dr, Gupta received International travel grant award from various organizations i.e. Microsoft Research (MSR) India, ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM) ($525), DST, Govt. of India (Young Scientist travel grant award), CSIR, IITR-heritage fund to attend various conferences and present his research work worldwide. He is also serving many journals as editorial board member and as member, international advisory board. Moreover, he is serving as reviewer for Journals of IEEE, Springer, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, etc. Dr Gupta is senior member of IEEE, member ACM, The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC), Internet Society, Institute of Nanotechnology, Life Member, International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Life Member, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT). He also worked as a post doctoral research fellow in UNB, Canada. He was also visiting researcher with Yamaguchi University, Japan in 2015 and with Guangzhou University, China in 2016, respectively. At present, Dr. Gupta is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra (Institute of National Importance), India. His research interest includes Information security, Cyber Security, Mobile/Smartphone, Cloud Computing, Web security, Intrusion detection, Computer networks and Phishing.

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