This letter serves as a recap of the past year at IGI Global and what is expected in the upcoming year

A Letter from the Managing Director

By IGI Global on Feb 8, 2017
Editor of EncyclopediaLindsay Johnston, Managing Director, IGI Global
Dear Colleagues,

For nearly 30 years, IGI Global publications have been widely sought after and used by academicians, independent researchers, industry practitioners and professionals from all over the world. The availability, coverage, and overall number of titles published by IGI Global annually has greatly increased; allowing the company to expand its coverage of the information science and technology discipline within the fields of business, education, engineering, medicine, communications, computer science, government, as well as the social sciences, humanities, and natural and physical sciences. As a plethora of new books and journals are released each week, tremendous value is being added to IGI Global’s InfoSci® database offerings and numerous other collections.

In 2016, IGI Global introduced an estimated 400+ new books and more than ten new journals. Many of these titles have garnered substantial attention from prominent indices and awards programs. The book, Impact of Meat Consumption on Health and Environmental Sustainability , edited by Profs. Talia Raphaely and Dora Marinova, both at Curtin University, Australia, was recently awarded the “Best Sustainable Foods Book” in Gourmand International's Gourmand Awards. It has been widely recognized for addressing the difficulties, challenges, and opportunities surrounding the reduction of excessive meat consumption as an effort to mitigate human and environmental damage.

In 2017, IGI Global will be releasing a record high 500+ new books (nearly a 30% growth from the previous year) as well as five new journals. These 500+ new book releases will include a healthy number of edited and authored reference titles, handbooks of research, encyclopedias, and casebooks. Due to the constant need to drive innovation through the timely release of published research, the IGI Global 2017 book lineup will also include the newly launched Research Insights publications. These authored monographs center on trending breakthroughs as well as predictions for the future of a developing field/research area. They are produced in an expeditious fashion (approximately 4-6 months from concept to distribution) so no time is lost in allowing for the dissemination of this type of scholarly scientific knowledge to the research community. Among some of IGI Global’s forthcoming Research Insights titles are:

Out of the five newly inaugurated journals for 2017, IGI Global launched the International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management in the Digital Age (IJTHMDA) , edited by Prof. Angelo A. Camillo, Woodbury University, USA. This journal is already being highly regarded due to today’s critical focus on the hospitality and tourism industry’s impact on global economic development.

Finally, IGI Global is currently in the process of releasing the fourth edition of the renowned Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, edited by Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour. This comprehensive major reference work is scheduled for release in July of 2017, and is currently available for pre-order with a 5% discount. This ten-volume set will include 100% NEW (previously unpublished) content focused on critical perspectives surrounding the impact of information science and technology and emerging opportunities and challenges in modern settings.

As we welcome 2017, we continue our commitment to further increasing the availability, quality, and volume of our publications, providing endless resources for students, researchers, faculty, librarians, and professionals worldwide.


Lindsay Johnston
Managing Director
IGI Global
Newsroom Contact:
Elizabeth Leber
Promotions Assistant
(717) 533-8845, ext. 130
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