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By IGI Global on Oct 10, 2011
Librarians in the information age need to stay apprised of the ever-expanding and changing landscape of information technology within the library setting. As more and more patrons turn to Wikipedia and Google to answer their questions, librarians must stay abreast of the latest technological advances in their field to remain viable and support their patrons' needs.

Library Information Science CollectionThe Library Information Science Collection is a specialized reference collection that supports research in the field of Library Information Science. This premier package includes 13 scholarly titles focusing on library information science, digital libraries, and digital literacy. These titles represent IGI Global's unique coverage of the impact and effective use of technology within the area of library information science. More information on this collection can be found on the Topic Collections page.

As with all IGI Global Topic Collections, the Library Information Science Collection can be purchased in a variety of ways. It is available in hardcover format with all titles included, as online perpetual access on our own advanced platform, or as both hardcover and online perpetual.

The Library Information Science Topic Collection gives you access to cutting-edge research that can't be found elsewhere. By purchasing the LIS Collection you will receive access to research that will increase the understanding of the effect of technology on libraries. This collection is sold at a major discount from the total of all of the individual books in the collection, and is a great value for libraries!

This Topic Collection is a great resource for libraries that are looking to expand their Library Information Science collection. Contact for more information today!

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