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The emerging field of digital medicine could make healthcare more collaborative than ever before
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Head Transplant
International Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering
Alexander Arman Serpen of Southview High School, Ohio, coordinates advanced research studies on machine learning algorithms to diagnose chronic kidney disease
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Can Virtual Reality Alter Human Mental State And Behavior?
Doody's Core Titles
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
Handbook of Research on Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Conditions
Improving Health Management through Clinical Decision Support Systems
Software Innovations in Clinical Drug Development and Safety
Healthcare Information Technology Innovation and Sustainability: Frontiers and Adoption
Outstanding IGI Global Titles Accepted For Indexing By PsycINFO
Nursing students at the University of Louisville received a special gift this week. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration presented the School of Nursing with a $792,000 grant to expand their nursing informatics program.
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With the healthcare industry becoming increasingly more competitive, there exists a need for medical institutions to improve both the efficiency and the quality of their services.
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In a trio of books recently published by IGI Global, Dr. Patricia Cerrito, University of Louisville, USA, has covered a variety of aspects of data management in healthcare.
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