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Can Dependence On Technology Be Damaging To Our Health?
IGI Global Speaks With Dr. David Taniar On Maintaining The Coveted Impact Factor
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar
Do U Digitalk?  Y?
Handbook of Research on Cloud Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics
Keeping Up With The Cup: Mobile Apps For The World Cup
Millennials Don't Stand A Chance
Driven To Distraction: Are Advances In Mobile Technologies Hindering Society?
The Future of Cloud Computing and Mobile Networks
Interview with Fragkiskos Sardis, contributing author of "Cloud-Based Service Delivery Architecture with Service-Populating and Mobility-Aware Mechanisms"
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E-Marketing in Developed and Developing Countries: Emerging Practices
Dominant E-Content: Ebook Sales Surpass Book Sales
Innovative Web-based and mobile learning technologies have the potential to improve students' academic achievement and may serve as one method by which traditional teachers can meet the needs of the digital generation.
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In higher education, instructional designers are starting to look at how to design digital learning objects that are accessible on mobile devices in ubiquitous environments.
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IGI Global will be hosting a symposium entitled "Social Responsibly in the Information Age" with Arvind Ashta. This symposium will explore how the dynamic age of inter-systems connectivity has changed relationships and paradigms.
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IGI Global would like to thank Shalin Hai-Jew for contributing this article outlining how faculty can use lecture capture tools to enhance their online instruction. Dr. Hai-Jew's newest publication, Constructing Self-Discovery Learning Spaces Online: Scaffolding and Decision Making Technologies, will become available this Winter.
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InfoSci®-Multimedia Technologies is a fully-searchable, customizable database that provides access to all chapters included in IGI Global books that have been published on the core information science discipline, multimedia technologies.
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On Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 2pm EDT, IGI Global will be hosting Dr. Emmanuel Udoh for a discussion on Adoption of Grid and Cloud Computing Technology. Dr. Udoh is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) and has edited and been featured in several IGI Global publications.
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Mobile ComputingWebinar
As incoming students become more and more reliant upon mobile technologies and web-based resources to accomplish their daily activities, established colleges and universities face new challenges as they try to accommodate student needs.
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