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What is Collaborative Networks

Strategic Business Models to Support Demand, Supply, and Destination Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Network of formal and informal relations between the different agents of the territory, generating synergies, responsibilities and collaborate to better achieve common or compatible goals to foster competitiveness and satisfaction.
Published in Chapter:
Tourist Cooperation in Mountain Destinations: Concepts, Positions, and Challenges in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park
Gonçalo Poeta Fernandes (Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Tortosendo, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9936-4.ch016
The business collaboration assumes several types and varies according to the invested resources and the level of commitment of the partners. The stimulus to collaboration lies in the pressures of globalization and increased competitiveness, supported by the development of new communication and information technologies. Tourism is a highly globalized and competitive sector, with specificities and high level of complexity of markets and tourist destinations. The collaboration promotes a strategic and organizational alignment between partners, which in tourism is decisive for the qualification of the destination and its sustainability. In the Serra da Estrela destination, the development of collaborative relationships is valued as a resource for companies and territories as well as a source of competitive advantages. The sharing of knowledge and experience, the association of corporate images, and the willingness to absorb new methods are considered favorable, but they present problems of formalization and communication, which require correction and coordination.
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Application of Collaborative Technologies: Enterprise 2.0 in Virtual Enterprise Context
New forms of collaboration that emerged as response to transformations of the business environment. A Collaborative Network acting as a powerful mechanism to achieve strategic objectives in a time response, quality and cost effective manner.
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The Little City That Could: The Case of San Carlos, California
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