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What is Learning Pods

Educational Recovery for PK-12 Education During and After a Pandemic
Learning pods are structures which have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are semi-formal facilitation groups which allow parents to support their children with online and blended learning. Learning pods come in many forms and shapes. At times, they are simple co-ops of working parents who share supervision of the group on alternate days. On other occasions, learning pods have involved the hiring of tutors. The learning pods allow the grouping of students in small hubs that do not breach the public health orders on social distancing.
Published in Chapter:
Maintaining a Firm Social Justice Lens During a Public Health Crisis: Lessons Learnt From the ‘Learning Pods' Phenomenon
Frederic Fovet (Royal Roads University, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6952-8.ch005
School preparedness for national emergencies and natural disasters has long been part of the literature on global education. The recent COVID-19 crisis, however, has demonstrated the degree to which this literature had to date been ignored by school administrators in the Global North, and dismissed as a topic mostly relevant to Global South countries facing armed conflict, political instability, and lacking resources to address natural disasters. The global pandemic has been sustained, severe, and has led to the full or partial closure of schools in many Global North jurisdictions. While emergency measures have sought to maintain basic educational services, little focus has been given to inclusion and to the needs of diverse learners. In the absence of structured responses, parental support has become a key solution for many districts, and concepts such as the learning pod have popped up in various countries. These strategies have exacerbated inequities rather than offered sustainable and socially just responses. This chapter draws lessons from these initiatives.
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High Tech, High Touch, High Context: Social Dimensions of Learning in Online, Hybrid, and Learning Pod Environments
A self-directed community, grouped by geographic location, working together on learning projects.
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In the Nexus: Learning Pods as Learning Micro-Societies
Small geographically oriented teams working on individual learning projects as self-directed communities of scholars.
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