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What is Orientation

Rethinking Inclusion and Transformation in Special Education
Orientation is how individuals establish and maintain an awareness of their physical location through sensory input and environmental feedback.
Published in Chapter:
Orientation and Mobility Instructions for the Visually Impaired: Strategies for Successful Inclusion
Ashraf Mustafa (United Arab Emirates University, UAE)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4680-5.ch007
Orientation and mobility (O&M) are recognized as integral components of the expanded core curriculum for students with visual impairment, so learners with visual impairment require direct and sequential instruction provided by an O&M specialist to be able to acquire the skills necessary to interact with others. This chapter will focus on O&M instructions with visually impaired (VI) children, a group neglected when the profession was established. To contextualize this, the chapter begins with a brief history of O&M, before reviewing various definitions of O&M and highlighting a professional philosophical approach to O&M intervention. The chapter will focus on the role of O&M specialists, then describe the core O&M techniques, as an understanding of these techniques is required to appreciate the traditional resistance to the implementation of O&M intervention with children. Also, the chapter discusses the O&M assessment for VI before concluding and discussing different techniques for O&M skills.
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From Spherical Photogrammetry to 3D Modeling
The orientation is the rotation and translation of the panorama to give it the right position and rotation according to a specific coordinate system it is determined by six parameters. If the coordinate system is another Panorama’s system the orientation is called “Relative orientation”. However, if the coordinate system is the global one, it is called the “Absolute orientation”.
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Strategies and Technologies for the Future Success of Students at School
A process associated with the growth of the person in social, educational and business contest. It ’a citizen’s right and includes a series of activities aimed at enabling the citizens of all ages and in every moment of their life to identify their interests, abilities, skills and attitudes.
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Case Study: Preparing Students for Active Engagement in Online and Blended Learning Environments
An intentional series of events, activities, and learning opportunities designed to assist students in transitioning into their program of study and to equip students with the required information and skills to succeed.
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Augmented Reality Gamifies the Library: A Ride Through the Technological Frontier
In the academic library context, this is the experience, program, activity, process or event that familiarizes new users with the library’s resources and services.
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Queer Phenomenology: Orienting Inquiry in Curriculum Studies
The ways in which one’s body, and thus embodied experience, is positioned in time and space toward certain objects and away from others.
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Orientation, Functions, Navigation, and Experiences: User Interface Designs and Wireframes
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Teaching Mathematics to Children With Autism: Pedagogical Strategies
Complex psychic function through which the relationship between one's own person, time, place, and environment is established.
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An Examination of International School Onboarding Programs: Pre-Arrival, Arrival, and Transition Phases
The orientation is a planned introduction of a newcomer to an organization. In international schools, orientation is typically conducted on-site during the first week after arrival but before scheduled classes begin.
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The Challenges of Accessible Tourism Information Systems for Tourists With Vision Impairment: Sensory Communications Beyond the Screen
The ability to use one’s remaining senses to understand one’s location in the environment.
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Navigating the First Amendment in Higher Education and Supporting Students to Be Engaged Citizens
University led transition programs to support new students to ensure they are prepared to be successful at the institution.
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Probationary Period: The Strategic Leader's Approach to Candidate Selection and Training
A brief period at the start of employment at which time workers become oriented to the work and the organization.
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Virtually Onboarding and Supporting Adult Students in College Using Web 2.0 Technologies
A program of specialized in-person activities that a higher education institution organizes to orient, acclimate, socialize, and welcome new college students to campus that usually occurs before the first week of classes begin during the fall semester.
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Bridging Cultural Dimensions and Corporate Social Responsibility Communication
A business orientation is an essential philosophy that establishes the nature and aim of all corporate behaviours, strategies and tactics. Different orientations can affect perceptions of corporate priorities, how consumers are considered, and how the organisation sets its whole business approach. Therefore, a business orientation, seen as a corporate philosophy, tends to permeate the overall decision-making framework of its management.
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