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What is Rural Areas

Handbook of Research on Agricultural Policy, Rural Development, and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Economies
A rural area is an area of land outside the densely populated urban areas in a town or city. Rural areas are traditionally areas not included in the urban definition, and are usually large, open areas with few houses and few people, as opposed to urban areas which have larger populations.
Published in Chapter:
Importance of Plant Production in Development of Rural Areas: A Case Study City of Smederevo, Serbia
Marijana Jovanović Todorović (Institute of Agricultural Economics, Serbia) and Anton Puškarić (Institute of Agricultural Economics, Serbia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9837-4.ch012
This chapter analyzes plant production from the perspective of development rural areas and it is based on the case study for rural areas on territory of Smederevo. The main goal of this chapter points to the current situation in plant production as one of the most important agricultural activities and that creates the basis for future development. It will be presented data collected from Census of agriculture, yearbooks, and local reports, but also data collected in the field. The authors apply theoretical and practical frame of research based on the case of study, which is oriented on used agricultural land, realized production and yield in period 2013-2017.
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More Results
Perspectives on Female Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas: The Role of Women in Tourism Companies in Sever do Vouga, Portugal
Areas lying outside population centres (towns or cities), possessing low population density and small settlements.
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Slow Tourism in Low-Density Territories: NUTS III – Beiras and Serra da Estrela
Have unique characteristics and are places of rare beauty that combines exceptionally with the development of slow tourism.
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COVID-19 and the Livelihoods of the Migrant Workers: A Study in Rural West Bengal, India
It is a geographic area that is located outside of towns and urbanized areas.
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Rural Tourism Development as a Catalyst of Urban-Rural Synergy in the Region of Southern and Eastern Serbia
Underdeveloped areas where main activities are related to the land use for the purposes of agriculture and husbandry and with underdeveloped economy, depopulation trend and low population density.
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Causes and Factors Responsible for Teenage Pregnancy
In this study, rural areas are areas where there are small villages, farming, or agricultural areas.
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Girls' Child Education Challenges and Solutions in MENA Countries: Case Study of Tunisia
The rural area comprises the population, territory and other resources of the countryside, which is to say the areas outside the major urban centers. In several countries, these areas lack of health facilities, infrastructure, schools.
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