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What is Strategic Alignment

Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology
The process of validating that current projects support the strategic mission of the organization.
Published in Chapter:
IS Project and Portfolio Management
Brian Cameron (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-865-9.ch034
Instructional Systems Portfolio Management (ISPM) is a topic of intense interest in the strategic management of Instructional Systems (IS). In ISPM, IS synchronization with corporate business strategy is operationalized by the application of the principles of financial portfolio management to IS investments. This perspective is crucial to the continual alignment of business strategy and IS investments. Portfolio management is the discipline of managing projects together as a portfolio that meets corporate objectives. It optimizes development investment and resource allocation across multiple projects. This chapter investigates current techniques and best practices for managing IS project portfolios and strives to create a solid bridge between project management, corporate strategy and IS investments.
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Examining Strategic Fit and Innovation in Terms of Competitive Strategies and Knowledge Management
It is the process and result of associating the structure and resources of an organization with the determined strategy and business environment.
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IT Governance in the Public Sector in a Developing Country
Is one of the IT governance focus areas that optimizes the relational mechanisms between the business and IT organization by working on the IT effectiveness of the organization in order to maximize the business value from IT. It aims at establishing relationship between the business and IT in which IT becomes a strategic enabler for business growth.
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Supply Chain Management: Identifying Innovative Suppliers
Innovation is certainly an important characteristic for firms to achieve competitive advantage. However, for supplier-client relationship throughout the value chain thrive, both the supplier and the client need to be strategically aligned, i.e., they need to be tuned on what information they share, what types of joint products they develop, what responsibilities they share, how they manage continuous improvement, how they define inter-organizational activities, how they deploy cross-functional teams, joint-problem solving and how joint planning teams are generated and managed.
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Strategic Alignment Between Business and Information Technology
The IT Strategic Alignment Model was proposed by Henderson and Venkatraman (1993) and consists of a framework for studying IT impacts on business and understanding how these impacts influence IT organization and strategy, as well as how it enables analysis of the market availabilities of new information technologies.
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Dynamics of Human Resource Strategies and Cultural Orientations in Multinational Corporations
The process of bringing the actions of an organization’s business divisions and staff members into line with the organization’s planned objectives.
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Business IT Systems Implementation
The extent to which the information systems strategy supports, and is supported by, the business strategy in an organisation.
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From Information Governance to IT Governance: An Overview of Issues and Frameworks for Large Organizations
The main focus on the connection and link between the IT strategy and business strategy also the business process with the IT operations.
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