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What is Student Success

Technology Leadership for Innovation in Higher Education
A nested array of desirable student outcomes, typically at an aggregated, institutional level; may include such metrics as course passing, curricular progression, degree attainment, time to graduation, etc.
Published in Chapter:
“Solve the Big Problems”: Leading Through Strategic Innovation in Blended Teaching and Learning
Kelvin Thompson (University of Central Florida, USA), Rohan Jowallah (University of Central Florida, USA), and Thomas B. Cavanagh (University of Central Florida, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7769-0.ch002
Blended learning remains at the top of higher education/technology issues lists despite having been in practice on college and university campuses for 20 years. However, a review of blended learning research literature suggests that innovation in blended learning models has been lacking. This chapter positions innovation in blended learning as a leadership challenge, not merely for the niche concerns of learning technology professionals but as a strategy to fulfill the higher education mission of student success. The chapter authors assert that, while blended learning's very flexibility often curtails its systemic implementation, when undertaken as an institutional leadership challenge, new configurations of blended learning implemented through cross-institutional partnerships hold great promise.
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Othermothering to Belongingness for HBCU College Student Success
The demonstration of a college student's ability to succeed despite obstacles to mastering course and subject content. This is a concept where Black people come together and formulate the national Black community, this is a spiritual bond, and it is a bond understood by the Black community but not the white community. Black people have it and understand it, white people cannot aspire to it ( Mcmillan & Chavis, 1986 ).
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The Art of Connection: Humanizing Teaching and Learning in Online Classes
Defined as academic achievement through successful acquisition and application of content as evidenced in the completion of course assignments.
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Students of Color and Anecdotal Pedagogy: A Success Story
Students successful navigation of college and university systems including earning higher than average grades, experiencing a positive college experience, graduating in four to six years with minimal to no student loan debt, and career readiness post-graduation.
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An Assessment of the Project Pathways to the Middle East and North Africa at Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts, USA
A national model focuses on the elimination of equity gaps through the development, implementation and assessment of effective and transformative equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion practices
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The Intersection of Academics and Career Readiness
The achievement of positive academic, personal, and career outcomes, indicating effective learning, growth, and accomplishment for students.
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Self-Regulated Learning and Student Success, Retention, and Engagement in Online Courses
This refers to how well students are prepared to accomplish their current and future academic, personal, and professional goals through the development of knowledge, a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, and a connection to the college and wider community.
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Digital Course Redesign to Increase Student Engagement and Success
A course-defined metric by which students demonstrate their preparation for longer-term academic and professional goals.
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Tweeting @LEADUWindsor: Effective Practices for Making Service-Learning Visible
Initiatives designed to support at-risk students successfully complete K-12 education programs. These might include specialized work connections, remedial courses, and mentorship or guidance counselling supports.
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Conceptualizing LEAD: Service Learning Leadership Experience for Student Success
is a province-wide strategy initiated by the Ontario Ministry of Education to ensure that every student is provided the support needed to successfully complete high school and to pursue their post-secondary goals. Retrieved from the following website:
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Alchemy of Teaching: Experience, Leadership, and the Science and Art of Education
Students’ ability to attain established goals based on the goals set forth by individual school districts.
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Empathy First: Refurbishing a Teams' Approach to Student Success
Positive outcomes in students’ higher education experience, including progress through a degree program, strong G.P.A., continued registration from semester to semester, and graduation.
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TILTing Assignments in In-Major Undergraduate Courses
The institutional structure to support preferred outcomes for students, especially in terms of their academic performance.
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Academic Analytics
The achievement of the student’s own, often developing, education goals. It is often measured by student retention or student graduation rate at the institutional level.
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