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What is Census

Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge, Administration, and Technology
A census is the modus operandi of methodically acquiring and recording information about all the members of a given population in a given geographic area. The term is used most frequently with national population and housing censuses; other common censuses include the likes of agriculture, business, and traffic censuses.
Published in Chapter:
The Dynamics of Demographic and Macroeconomic Variables in India
Sovik Mukherjee (St. Xavier's University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3473-1.ch013
The theory of economic growth is one of the principal branches of macroeconomics that tries to highlight the factors that have influenced the long-run trend of the growth of an economy. One of the leading issues in the literature on India's economic growth has been the manifold effects of inflation and employment among many others. The present paper aims to examine the relationship between economic growth rates, inflation, employment, and population growth in a Simultaneous Equations System (SES) framework, with an exclusive focus on the experience since economic liberalization in 1991. The literature on this subject has up till now analyzed the determinants of these endogenous variables disconnectedly. Not only does this paper endeavour to ascertain the existence of endogeneity among these variables but also highlight a multitude of factors that are connected in this regard. This paper comes to a close by discussing the possibilities for developing strategies that are overtly concerned with productive employment generation.
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More Results
Transforming and Facilitating Quality Education in Developing Knowledge Economy: The Indian Perspective
A survey of population done after every ten years in India. It includes all the demographic profile of the Indian citizens, like age, caste, religion, education, and income.
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E-Census 2006 in New Zealand
This census is a snapshot on the chosen day when we count how many people and dwellings (houses, flats, apartments) there are.
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Digital Platforms Focused on Audiovisual
Count of elements on which observations are made.
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Data in the Wild: A KM Approach to Collecting Census Data Without Surveying the Population and the Issue of Data Privacy
the process of collecting data on a population for the purpose of counting and analyzing that population.
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