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By IGI Global on Sep 17, 2010
Business growth depends on the ability to innovate. Knowledge management concepts, business process reengineering, human centered assets and information and communication technologies are the foundation for innovation though virtual reality makes innovation a reality. Virtual Technologies for Business and Industrial Applications: Innovative and Synergistic Approaches, one of IGI Global's newest releases, provides insight into uncovering the security risks of dynamically created content, and how proper content management can greatly improve overall security. This book also researches the security lifecycle, protocols and applications of the Internet, and the contemporary solutions to these problems.

This title was edited by Dr. N. Raghavendra Rao, VIT University, India. Dr. Rao describes his interest in the book's topics saying, "Virtual reality essentially refers to the presentation of system generated data made available in such a way that those who use it perceive the information at their disposal as having similar or enhanced characteristics in business models. The line dividing simulated tasks and their real world counter parts is very thin. The ability to get real world perceptions interactively through systems explains the interest associated with three dimensional graphics in virtual reality. The synergy between real and simulated facts yields a real effectiveness. It will be more effective if the system and its artifacts are to be active rather than a passive display. The essential element of virtual reality is that interactive simulation with navigation among widely scattered heterogeneous data bases. This results in logical, numerical processing and wide range of visualization functions. Virtual reality concepts help to unlock the innovative thinking in enterprises for carrying out incremental and radical innovation in their organization. Virtual reality concepts help enterprises to accomplish their ambitious goals with new innovation improvement incentives. The new initiatives help generating alternative ideas by taking inputs from different sources and structuring through virtual reality applications. Virtual reality concepts will increase the chances of successfully diffusing knowledge, technology and process. It will definitely provide scope for innovation to emerge."

Virtual Technologies for Business and Industrial Applications: Innovative and Synergistic Approaches

To read more of Dr. Rao's thoughts on virtual reality and business applications, please see his interview with The Hindu Business Line at To see more on his book please visit IGI Global's website at

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