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How the Online Gaming World is Making it Easier for Predators to Abuse Children

By Brittany Haynes on Jan 13, 2020
As online gaming and chat rooms continue to become a normal part of children’s lives, concern over safety and the prevalence of sexual predators working to manipulate, entrap, and abuse minors is growing. Showcasing the demand for the online well-being of today’s children, a recent The New York Times article explored just how criminals are able to work their way into the lives of children online and trick them into sending sexually explicit photos, referred to as “sextortion.”

According to the article, criminals often start conversations in online gaming platforms to befriend and build trust with their targets, pretending to be children themselves and/or a “friend of a friend” of the victims. Games are not the only platform where predators are looming, however, as they also seek out social media platforms like Instagram, Kik Messenger, and others. Additionally, a review of academic studies, law enforcement reports, and more have shown that reports of abuse are on an unprecedented rise, with some perpetrators grooming up to thousands of victims, creating a need for research on this topic to help prevent these criminal acts, capture the perpetrators, and support the victims.

In response to this critical research area, IGI Global is publishing the latest findings in this area through the forthcoming publication Encyclopedia of Criminal Activities and the Deep Web. Releasing in February and now available for pre-order, this Encyclopedia will cover child exploitation, cyber abuse, cyber harassment, psychological violence, criminology, sex trafficking, and more. In advance of this publication’s release, a large collection of resources covering related topics is featured in IGI Global’s InfoSci®-Books database (5,300+ e-books). Recommend IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books database to your library to have access to this critical research, along with the aforementioned Encyclopedia, and receive 100% OA APC waivers when your work is submitted and accepted into an IGI Global journal.

Internet-Facilitated Child Sexual Exploitation Crimes
Prof. Keith F. Durkin (Ohio Northern University, USA) and Prof. Ronald L. DeLong (University of Dayton, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 | Pages: 11

Online Child Pornography: Conceptual Issues and Law Enforcement Challenges
Prof. Giorgia Macilotti (IDETCOM, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, France)
Copyright: © 2020 | Pages: 22

Psychological Violence
Prof. Maria Gabriella Cairo (Italian Society of Victimology, Italy)
Copyright: © 2020 | Pages: 18

Victimization: Sexual Minorities
Prof. Ramona S. McNeal (University of Northern Iowa, USA), Prof. Susan M. Kunkle (Kent State University, USA), and Prof. Mary Schmeida (Kent State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2018 | Pages: 27

Cyber Bullying
Prof. Jo Ann Oravec (University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 | Pages: 10

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