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What is Critical Media Literacy

Handbook of Research on Media Literacy in Higher Education Environments
Media literacy that focuses on engagement with media as texts, and the conditions in which these texts are produced and consumed.
Published in Chapter:
Building a “Bridge” Between Theory and Practice: A Case Study Approach to Teaching Critical Media Literacy
Loren Saxton Coleman (University of Southern Mississippi, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4059-5.ch013
This chapter explores critical media literacy pedagogy. Using case study method, the author argues that The Washington Informer's, “Bridge” publication can be used as a practical pedagogical tool to teach students how to analyze and deconstruct media texts, and simultaneously inform students on how to produce alternative, counter-hegemonic media texts. This approach is consistent with literature on critical media literacy that calls for engaged and empowering pedagogy to encourage students to think critically about their roles in creating and maintaining a radical and participatory democracy.
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Literacy Teacher Preparation for Educational Justice Through Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies
Readers interrogate text to examine and challenge the dominant power structures.
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The Truth We Can't Afford to Ignore: Popular Culture, Media Influence, and the Role of Public School
An approach to literacy instruction that not only examines a variety of texts (including digital texts) but also encourages students to question issues of power, voice, representation, and equity.
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Commercium and Cognitionis Project: A Gamification Experience in an Undergraduate Course
Subjects formation to media products critically reading, promoting critical and transformative social awareness.
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Preparing to Be Digital: The Paradigm Shift for Media Studies and Higher Education
An approach to media literacy that emphasizes power relations in society, identities, and inequalities, and encourages questioning such as part of the media literacy education curriculum.
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Media Literacy and Framing of Media Content
This is an approach based on critical pedagogy that states that individuals should acquire the ability to think analytically in the face of fictitious media content and to evaluate the complex structures in the background of messages.
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Building Media Literacy in Higher Education: Department Approaches, Undergraduate Certificate, and Engaged Scholarship
In addition to the ability to access, analyze, and produce media in various forms, critical media literacy is explicitly focused on explorations of power, including ownership, production, and distribution of mainstream media.
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Digital Media and Cosmopolitan Critical Literacy: Research and Practice
Critiques how diverse people are portrayed and positioned in digital media including films, advertisements, video games, songs, popular culture, and social media sites.
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Cyberbullying: A Research Overview
An educational response aimed at expanding the notion of literacy to include different forms of mass communication, popular culture, and new technologies.
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Seeking Justice in Your Own Backyard: Creating PSAs for Social Change
Learning how to read a variety of print and visual media to look for patterns of privilege, asking whose perspective is privileged and whose is not.
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“Just a Stupid Carrot Farm, Dumb Bunny”: A Critical Media Analysis of Rural Representations in Zootopia
A method of reading media that interrogates dominant power structures in the media's message.
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