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What is Educational Leadership

Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge, Administration, and Technology
Educational leadership is a collaborative process that unites the talents and forces of teachers, students and parents to improve the quality of education and the education system itself.
Published in Chapter:
Learning Organisation: An Effect on Organisational Performance
Chandra Sekhar Patro (Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering (Autonomous), India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3473-1.ch178
In an ever-changing business world, the need to gain a competitive advantage has become extremely imperative for enterprises to survive in the age of globalisation. Much emphasis on learning has arisen due to rapid changes in the business environment, including uncertain market conditions, increasing complexity, changing demographics, and global competition. The companies are forced to innovate and develop new techniques for improving the quality and functionality of products, reduce costs, and respond to the highly elegant customers' demands in order to survive in the market. Learning organisations encourage the groups to come together and explore new ideas without being directed by a manager. The main objective of the chapter is to measure the effect of the dimensions of the learning organisation on organisational performance. A positive statistical relationship exists among the learning organisation dimensions and with organisational performance. Organisations must consider the learning organisation dimensions to enhance employees efficiency and organisational performance.
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Becoming a Culturally Competent Educational Leader
The work of influencing students, staff and families to think, believe and behave in a manner consistent with the goals of the educational organization.
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Leadership Dynamics in Higher Education Institutions in India
It is a combined process of converging the talents of teachers, students, and parents.
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Design Thinking in Educational Leadership
Refers to two ways: a leadership approach and a teaching method. In an academic context, it is a relationship in which the roles of followers and leaders become equally important. Their behaviours and methods of thinking are closely related to the situation. It focuses on the process of influencing others in an educational context, which may be carried out by any member of the different systems that make up the comprehensive educational institution or school. It aims to provide a healthy and positive school learning environment in school.
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Transformational Teacher Leadership: A Global Perspective
A process of influence leading to the achievement of desired purposes. Educational leaders develop a vision for schools based on personal and professional values. They articulate this vision and influence others (e.g., stakeholders) to share the vision. The school’s philosophy, structures, management, and teaching/non-teaching activities are all focused towards achieving this shared vision.
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Becoming a Mathematics Specialist Teacher Leader: Impact Stories From Early Childhood Teachers
This type of leadership involves working with and guiding teachers to improve their educational instruction. Educational leaders typically have advanced training on how to mentor and communicate with teachers, administrators, and parents on improving best practices in the classroom to increase student achievement and academic comprehension.
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Student-Authored Case Studies: The Case of an Educational Leadership Course in Kazakhstan
The process of uniting multiple stakeholders towards improving the quality of education and/or educational systems.
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Educational Leadership Standards: From Contested Histories to Common Trends
A process that is found in diverse parts of school systems and exercised by a wide range of people in a variety of leadership roles. Leadership often involves building and maintaining a sense of vision, culture, and interpersonal relationships.
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Aligning Technology with Workforce and Organizational Development
The development and implementation of purposeful guidance, strategy and direction of educational endeavors across institutions and organizations.
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