Dr. Dew Harrison Shares Her Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies

How Is Digital Media and Creative Technologies Impacting Cross-Cultural Communication? Hear From Expert Dr. Dew Harrison

By Anne Long on Mar 18, 2019
Communication is more important than ever when it comes to engaging with others and establishing relationships, and new research highlights art as a way to bridge gaps in communication between cultures. To better understand the communicative impact of advances in art and culture across national and sociological borders, Dr. Dew Harrison, from the University of Wolverhampton, UK, and editor of the Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Creative Technologies, details how emerging technologies enable a wide variety of creative expression. From music and video to innovations in visual art, these aesthetics can enable enhanced communication between all kinds of people and cultures. Dr. Harrison elaborates on the different ways digital media and creative technologies enhance communications and self-expressions across cultures in this IGI Global interview.

What inspired you to pursue research activities in your research area?

With a Bachelors in Fine Arts and an MSc in Computer Science, I studied for an MA in Contemporary Art Theory and was surprised to find so little mentioning of computer-mediated art practice. Looking into this, I saw a strong similarity between new research in hypermedia (this was the late 80s/early 90s) and Conceptual Art with an understanding of Marcel Duchamp as its instigator. Both had an investment in the linkage of ideas into concepts through semantic association. This mix of science, technology and art has held my interest ever since.

Why are your respective areas of research important to the field at large?

My work is interdisciplinary and collaborative. As a practitioner, the pieces I have been making recently are mixed-reality installations, so the field at large reaches beyond the Fine Art community to have resonance in the areas of semantic technology, virtual worlds and immersive technology, corpus linguistics, narratology, and museology.

In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of your research to its community of users?

I expect my unique approach as an artist engaged with new media and technologies brings benefits to the wider fields as well as to my own. I’m a practice-led researcher/research-led practitioner, so any practice arises from theory in order to explore and push digital platforms.

What are the future directions of your research areas?

I’m currently creating virtual worlds of ‘living’ data objects with animal/human-like behaviours which are then brought into the real material world for visitors to interact and play with. These pieces require algorithms and other aspects of AI programming.

What are some other evolving research trends you have observed in your industry/field over the past several months and what would you say are some of the innovative research directions you foresee in the future? How do you feel your publication sets the pace for these innovations?

Interdisciplinarity is key, with the understanding that it’s the grouping of artists, scientists and technologists that delivers well-rounded, 360-degree investigations into what it means to be humans existing in the current conditions of our culture, society and planet.

What has your experience been like publishing with IGI Global?

Excellent support throughout the whole publication process.
We would like to thank Dr. Dew Harrison for sharing her research on digital media, creative technology, and communication.

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