As an International Academic Publisher, IGI Global Reaffirmed Our Presence with Librarians and Researchers Worldwide at ER&L.

IGI Global Attended the 14th Annual ER&L Conference in Austin, Texas

By Anne Long on Mar 21, 2019
As an international academic publisher, IGI Global travels to conferences and events all over the world to reaffirm our presence with librarians and researchers worldwide. As such, IGI Global attended the 14th Annual Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) Conference in Austin, Texas, from March 3-6, 2019. Mr. Nick Newcomer, Director of Marketing, represented IGI Global to showcase to librarians how IGI Global is meeting the call for Open Access (OA) publishing in response to Plan S.

“Regardless of the wintery cold weather we brought to Austin, TX from chilly Pennsylvania, ER&L was a highly productive event with informative sessions. I enjoyed the many conversations shared with influential leaders in the library community, specifically those surrounding IGI Global’s Open Access Fee Waiver (Offset Model) Initiative,” stated Nick Newcomer. “With this offset model we’re pushing the OA envelope by offering 100% APC waivers and helping to reshape how OA research is funded and disseminated among the masses.”

Mindful of budgetary constraints and demand for new research acquisition models by librarians, IGI Global created this offset model that maximizes libraries investment in content, and offers complete, simple, and transparent pricing on the IGI Global's InfoSci®-Databases including InfoSci-Books (4,500+ e-books) and InfoSci-Journals (185+ e-journals). Additionally, it provides institutions with an additional source of OA funding for their faculty patrons as:

    For any library that invests in IGI Global's InfoSci-Books or InfoSci-Journals databases, IGI Global will match the library’s investment with a fund of equal value to go toward subsidizing the OA article processing charges (APCs) for their students, faculty, and staff at that institution when their work is submitted and accepted under OA into an IGI Global journal.**

In addition to providing librarians with information on IGI Global’s affordable, direct access to the timeliest, high-quality research, Mr. Newcomer also analyzed library holdings to see if they were eligible for IGI Global’s 100% Credit Program.

This credit program takes into consideration a library’s past investment in IGI Global’s individual publications and gives them credit towards purchasing or subscribing to InfoSci-Books and/or InfoSci-Journals databases. In addition, IGI Global is taking it a step further by allowing institutions to process their payment in two or three installments, enabling librarians to strategically place the spending within their budgets.

Due to IGI Global’s flexibility and common sense pricing, we have been able to build a vast network of contacts and partnerships with consortia including the Carolina Consortium, Amigos, and more, and while at the conference were able to meet with leaders of these groups to continue our mission to disseminate quality research across the globe. IGI Global sees the benefit in group purchasing and we provide special offers to consortia with the focus of providing their members with the resources they need.

For those who were unable to stop by IGI Global’s table at the 2019 ER&L Conference in Austin, Texas, IGI Global will be exhibiting at the upcoming United Kingdom Serials Group (UKSG) Conference at booth #100, in Telford, UK, on April 8-10, 2019, and the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference at booth #310 in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 10-13, 2019.

Additionally, IGI Global will be exhibiting at the upcoming American Education Resources Association (AERA) Conference at booth #702 in Toronto, Canada on April 5-9, 2019, to network with researchers and keep abreast of the latest educational research.
Whether you’re interested in learning more about what IGI Global has to offer you, want your library’s holdings analyzed, or desire to hear more about IGI Global’s OA Initiative, contact to schedule an appointment.

Please feel free share your interest in IGI Global content with your consortium colleagues and leaders.
About IGI Global’s InfoSci-Journals and InfoSci-Books Databases: To ensure institutions can acquire the timeliest, peer-reviewed research, IGI Global provides simple and transparent pricing on our InfoSci-Books (4,500+ reference books containing nearly 100,000 chapters) and InfoSci-Journals (nearly 25,000 peer-reviewed journal articles with 1,000,000+ citation references sourced from 185+ scholarly journals) databases.

InfoSci-Books is offered with an annual subscription (2000-2019) as low as US$ 8,580 US$ 6,435* (one-time perpetual purchase for the current volume year (2019) offered as low as: US$ 17,500 US$ 13,125), and InfoSci-Journals database is offered as low as US$ 5,100 US$ 3,825* (one-time perpetual purchase for the current volume year (2019) offered as low as: US$ 5,000 US$ 3,750).

With this simple and transparent pricing, as well as the benefit of the OA initiative, IGI Global provides additional discounts and opportunities to ensure that these research databases are affordable to institutions of all sizes. Librarians can enjoy IGI Global's 25% discount on InfoSci-Books and InfoSci-Journals databases and on all purchases (including single book and journal titles) when they sign up for IGI Global’s Library Account Program.
About IGI Global: In the age of technology-driven knowledge discovery, timely dissemination of research is critical as resources become quickly outdated. In response to this phenomenon, and to ensure that your library can easily and affordably acquire the latest peer-reviewed research findings, IGI Global has streamlined its publishing process and created an agile business-model to ensure that your institution can acquire the most emerging research. To learn more about IGI Global, click here.

About ER&L: The Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) strives to bring together information professionals from libraries and related industries to improve the way they collect, manage, maintain, and make electronic resources accessible in the ever-changing online environment. The conference occurs annually and hosts 4,000+ in person and virtual attendees and over 140 companies from 22 countries on six continents.
As IGI Global is not only focused on providing the timeliest, peer-reviewed research to institutions, we also are committed to supporting librarians in their professional development to continue to provide high-quality resources to their institutions. Find below a selection of related publications that contain the timeliest, peer-reviewed research in library and information science that are featured in IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books database, and recommend these titles to your institution’s library, to ensure your institution acquires the most emerging research.

Newsroom Contact
Caroline Campbell
Marketing Manager
(717) 533-8845, ext. 144
*InfoSci-Books® US$ 6,435 annual subscription price and InfoSci-Journals® US$ 3,825 annual subscription price are only available to new customers through IGI Global’s Library Account Program, and cannot be combined with most offers or multi-site use.

**The Open Access (OA) fund will be offered on an annual basis and expire at the end of the subscription period and will renew as the subscription is renewed for each year thereafter. The open access fees will be waived after the student, faculty, or staff’s paper has been vetted/accepted into an IGI Global journal upon request by the author(s) of the paper. Libraries in developing countries will have the match on their investment doubled.
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