University of Ottawa scholars announce the release of 3 IGI Global titles

IGI Global Authors and Editors Team up for Book Launch

By IGI Global on Sep 30, 2014
This event, entitled “Cutting Edge Interdisciplinary Research”, is a launch for three books published by IGI Global this year, by scholars from the Department of Communication of the University of Ottawa. Interdisciplinary in nature, the books cover different topics, discussing the work of scholars with different specializations, and providing several applications and case studies and the latest research in such fields.

Location: Room 125 Simard Hall, 60 University, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5 Canada
Date: October 6th, 2014 at 7 – 9 pm

The University of Ottawa is proud to present this bilingual (English and French) event, organized by the Diversity and Equity Research Group. The Diversity and Equity Research Group is co-directed by Dr. Rukhsana Ahmed, co-editor of New Media and Communication Across Religions and Cultures, as well as the University of Ottawa's Dr. Luisa Veronis. Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Veronis will welcome the attendees and moderate this event.

The featured books include:

Exchanging Terrorism Oxygen for Media Airwaves: The Age of Terroredia
Exchanging Terrorism Oxygen for Media Airwaves: The Age of Terroredia,
Mahmoud Eid
Part of the Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT) Book Series

New Media and Communication Across Religions and Cultures
New Media and Communication Across Religions and Cultures
Isaac Nahon-Serfaty and Rukhsana Ahmed
Part of the Advances in Religious and Cultural Studies (ARCS) Book Series

Evolving Issues Surrounding Technoethics and Society in the Digital Age
Evolving Issues Surrounding Technoethics and Society in the Digital Age
Rocci Luppicini
Part of the Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT) Book Series

Event Details:

• Editor speeches will discuss the outstanding contributions of the three books, and how they are important to today's society.

• All contributing authors have been invited to attend this launch- Canadian chapter authors from different cities and Ottawa will be attending, international scholars will be also invited.

• Sponsors: IGI Global, Diversity and Equity Research Group, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Arts, the Global Media Journal -- Canadian Edition (Mahmoud Eid), Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence (Dr. Pierre Lévy), and the University of Ottawa Public Relations Association (undergraduate students).

• Who will be there: Faculty members (professors and high administration), professors from other universities, graduate students, undergraduate students, and media contacts.

For more information on this book launch, visit IGI Global's Calendar of Events.
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